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Adventures of Pip
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 2, 2014 @ 5:40pm
Aug 21, 2014 @ 10:04am
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New Environment Reveal, Twitch Thursday TONIGHT, + More Awesome Events!

"We're surrounded by liquid hot magma!"

We're happy to reveal a new environment in Pixel Kingdom... THE LAVA LABYRINTH!

Towards the end of Pip's journey, he will enter the lair of the Molten Golems known as the Lava Labyrinth. This treacherous journey into the mountain is the only passage towards the Skeleton Queen’s domain. Here, he will face new challenges with lava geysers, sinking blocks, and completely new set of challenging enemies!

Here are some early concept sketches of the enemies Pip will face in the Lava Labyrinth:

Upcoming Events: Lots of Live Streams!



TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Come join us on our Twitch channel to watch our Creative Director, Marc Gomez, live sketch an original drawing! The finished drawing will be raffled off at our upcoming Game Night event at Giant Robot. The finished drawing is also a good example of what's included in the $200 tier, so be sure to stop by and watch Marc draw! The live sketching will begin at 7pm until 10PM PST.


ALSO TONIGHT! During the live sketching, we will be challenging a few buddies from the industry in a little game called Street Fighter! Jeff Luke, James Montagna and Garry Simmons will be in the office, THROWING DOWN against us. To make things interesting, we introduced a few rules and handicaps. Oh, yeah, did we mention that drinks will be involved? Check out some examples below:

  • Coin toss decides which team picks the order of play for both teams
  • Winner of each round has to take a drink. 3 rounds determines winner
  • Team with most wins gets a point - First team to 10 points wins

  • Dandicap - Player has to play as Dan
  • Zandicap - Player has to play as Zangief
  • Button Masher - Player cannot use fingers to press buttons, only fists
  • First Strike - Player cannot touch controller for first 5 seconds of fight



We will be joining Carlos Lopez of Angry Bananas TOMORROW, SEPT 5 from 1PM to 5PM PST at Twin Galaxies to showcase Adventures of Pip.

We will playing our PAX demo LIVE for the FIRST TIME as well as talk about our first PAX! This is your chance to see how much Pip has changed since the last Kickstarter and see what all the press has been talking about since PAX!


If you're in the Los Angeles area, we will be part of Game Night 23, hosted by Giant Robot, THIS SATURDAY from 7pm to 10pm! You will be able to get a chance to play our PAX demo as well as win some awesome prizes, including the original drawing that will be live streamed tonight!

Please sure to visit for more information and directions to the event.

RSVP here:

There's a ton of fun scheduled in the next few days too, so be sure to hop on all the live streams to catch Pip in action.

Thanks everyone,

-TicToc Games

Twitch Thursday +Giant Robot, PAX Interviews!

The PAX reviews are slowly trickling in and we're are overwhelmed with all the love and support we have received at PAX! People are loving the game and we couldn't be more happier!

Here are links from PAX:

Sept 4, Twitch Thursday 7pm-10pm PST: Sketchin' with Marc!
That is no typo! We are having a live stream on a Thursday! I know, weird, right?! But, it's going to be a good one... we promise!

Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept 4, Our Creative Director, Marc Gomez, will be live sketching an original drawing for our upcoming Game Night event at Giant Robot! The live sketching will begin at 7PM PST until 10PM PST. If you ever wondered what the original sketch was in the $200 tier, stop by the live stream to see it in action! Our Twitch channel is: -- so come by!

We'll also be playing a fighting game that usually takes place in a street with some folks that go WayForward with us... or is it way back? You'll have to tune in tomorrow for more info!

GAME NIGHT 23 @ GIANT ROBOT - Sept 6, 7pm-10pm PST!
This Saturday, Sept 6, we will be part of Game Night 23, hosted by Giant Robot. The finished drawing from Thursday's live stream will be raffled off as a prize at the event! So, if you're in the Los Angeles, be sure to stop by!

At Game Night, you will get a chance to play our PAX demo! Along with the original sketch, we will also be raffling some t-shirts and other prizes.

Please be sure to visit for more information and directions to the event.

RSVP here:

Thanks everyone,
-TicToc Games

The Bit Stream is the life force that fuels Pixel Kingdom. The one who taps its power can forge the kingdom's destiny.

You play as Pip, who despite the fact that he is only one pixel in a world full of 32-bit characters, is the only one brave enough to stand up to the Skeleton Queen and rescue the kidnapped princess.

Moved by his plight, the ghost knight, Sir William bestowed upon Pip the power to harness the bitstream. With the ability to absorb his enemy’s pixels, Pip can transform into a hi-fidelity hero! But be aware! With each evolution comes balance!

With the Princess in their possession, the Skeleton Queen and her minions have taken control of the land and are hellbent on destroying the kingdom. Pip is the only hero who can save them all!
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May 23, 2014 @ 4:11am
evoland? plz take it further
< >
Belghast 2 hours ago 
Saw it at PAX South, really looking forward to it now :)
omgidfc Jan 25 @ 4:43pm 
Checked this out at PAX South, and I was sold after 2 minutes. I love the concept and gameplay, I can't wait to see the finished product.
Climbtay Jan 25 @ 3:33pm 
Got to check out your game at PAX south. Can't wait for the release! :D
tictocgames  [author] Nov 18, 2014 @ 9:35pm 
The Game is looking good everyone! We've been working like crazy to make it awesome!
Sally Acorn ITA Nov 2, 2014 @ 12:49pm 
This is a Great Amazing Game.

Great Work.
Cyberpunk Witch Oct 5, 2014 @ 8:34am 
My Body is Ready
Ranman9001 Oct 4, 2014 @ 10:00am 
Kickstarted this. Completely ready for this game!
Firemane Oct 4, 2014 @ 12:06am 
2BF brought me here... And I want this game! @_@
Mayorofunkytown Oct 3, 2014 @ 12:06pm 
How do I get the demo or is that not possible?
tictocgames  [author] Sep 13, 2014 @ 4:22pm 
@Workster you will have a choice of Steam PC Mac or Wii U