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The Old City
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 24 @ 8:00pm
Apr 29 @ 11:18am
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General Update
Release date: Spring 2015
The Old City is a first person adventure game that focuses entirely on story.

Everything else is secondary. Above all, the story is about choice. Set in a decaying city from a civilization long past, The Old City puts the player in the shoes of a sewer dwelling isolationist. You progress through the game by simply exploring the environment, and, while the initial stretch of the game is a linear string of semi-open levels, the later game divides into various pathways that all communicate something entirely different about the world and the story. The story itself is told via the musings of your character (in relation to where you are or what pathways you've chosen) and, chiefly, the environment itself.

There are no weapons, no items, and no skill-trees. All that exists is you and the world. You will make choices simply by the pathways (which will be described in detail to you whilst ingame) you choose to walk down, and each of said pathways is independent of the other. You will not loop around to another pathway or go through other pathways for the duration of that playthrough. Thus, to understand the game fully, you will need to play through it multiple times to explore all the other avenues that exist.

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So this is basically a Full Motion Video game, without the video?
Black Thorny
< >
russponting Jul 19 @ 4:26pm 
mac plllllllzzzz!!!???
aquakid003 Jul 18 @ 2:28am 
I think this is cool, a story fuled game, finally get a break from cutting heads off and the such. Not that thats bad.
Arbiter Jul 8 @ 4:25am 
Ooooo. I disagree with those saying to take the first 15 minutes trailer down. The other more recent *true trailer* (which i skimmed over for about 10 seconds, like most would do at a first, hurried impression) and got the impression this was more of a storybook style "non-game" where there is no actual movement. Luckily, I clicked the gameplay trailer and was pleasantly surprised to learn it's exactly the type of game I was hoping for, which is an extreme rarity for those like me who want to find them.
Whemper Jul 7 @ 4:36pm 
Those graphics are too good! Damm those AAA games, they have to learn about these one. At least Watchdogs hahahahahah
alexdomiwa Jul 6 @ 1:40am 
And it Reminds me Kind of the Stanley Parable,too.
alexdomiwa Jul 6 @ 1:38am 
Looks Like Bioshock 1 to Me
mono Jul 4 @ 3:03am 
si quereis mas votos y que os sigan mas personas, poner mas idiomas en los juegos
U.S Engineer Jul 3 @ 5:05pm 
Looks nice! I like it :DD
*CrY*oR*KiLL* Jun 30 @ 2:41pm 
ExtraCrispy Jun 27 @ 10:48am 
I have one question, will you be able to run in this game? And jump maybe? I know it's kind of silly, but that was my biggest issue with Dear Esther, and if this is going to be like it then it'd be nice if we aren't as slow as a snail. :/ Perhaps brisk walking speed? Power walk?

Otherwise, this is looking pretty rad! c: