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Super Toy Cars

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Tips and Tricks
By Locke
Some basic information on each of the game modes to help you get started and in the winner's circle in record time!
The first place you're probably going to want to go once you get started in Super Toy Cars is the career mode. Racing in career mode will unlock cars and paintjobs to broaden your options, though you should know that all cars are unlocked by default in multiplayer. You can play with bots even if no one's on, so you can use this to test drive cars before you sink your money into them. The levels in career mode will start off easy, but gradually introduce new modes and better opponents to keep you from getting too comfortable. With that said, I'm here to impart a few of my observations from playing through the entire career that should help new players understand the game.
The most basic mode of any racing game, the Race mode pits you up against some AI opponents in a straight up race to the finish, with some items thrown in to make things interesting. The first thing you'll need to know is what each of these items are and how to best use them to keep your fellow racers firmly in your dust.
  • 8 Ball: A basic forward projectile, but with a bit of a twist. Physics play a big part in this game, and the 8 Ball is no exception. The 8 Ball will bounce off the surfaces at the edge of the track, and given that these can vary greatly in shape and size, it will often bounce in strange directions and even go flying off into the air. It's easiest to fire into a group on straightaways, but if you've got the hang of it you can play it off corners and pick off other racers just as easily.
  • Homing Missile: This can only hit one car (unlike the 8 Ball which hits anything in its path), but aiming is not necessary. Just wait for the targeting reticle to show up over the car you want to hit and fire.
  • Boost Refill: This item will automatically fill up your boost meter, so save it for when your boost is empty to maximize the effect.
  • Mine: A basic explosive device that's dropped behind you. If the cars are close enough together, you can catch multiple cars in one explosion, so dropping this when there's a group behind you can maximize the effect.
  • Flipper: Similar to the mine, but instead of exploding, it flips the car into the air and brings them to a stop. You can't take out groups easily with this one though.
  • Oil Spill: A black puddle that causes any car that runs over it to lose control, and will stay no matter how many people run over it for a set amount of time. I'd recommend placing this in choke points where the road narrows, or in tunnels, so that it's difficult for the racers behind you to avoid it. It's larger than the Mine and Flipper, so you're much more likely to get hits.
  • Glue Spill: Placed in the same manner as the Oil Slick, but this one's pink and slows down racers who pass over it.
You can win races without items if you like (there's even an achievement for it!), but smart use of the power ups is a good way to get ahead.
In Elimination, after a period of time the player in last will be retired from the race until there's only one left. I'd highly recommend you play aggressively and get out in front as quickly as possible. If you end up in the middle of the pack, other cars can run into you or hit you with power ups and slow you down, which may result in you being in last at the wrong time. If you do find yourself towards the back, judicious use of the boost can save you. Time it right and you can pull ahead in the last few seconds before your elimination, keeping you in the game.
Time Trial
Race a single lap by yourself as fast as you can in Time Trial. Racing skill is important here, so I suppose it's about time I plugged my guide on how to drift. Knowing how to use your boost is important as well. At first you're going to need to be careful about when you use boost because you're still learning the handling and probably haven't found your favorite car yet, but soon you're going to need to learn how to boost at almost any point in the track. You don't want to waste boost by building it through drifts when the meter's already full. Boosting as soon as you're able and building up more boost while using it is going to be an important skill in shaving off those final seconds to earn a gold medal. The top speed of your car is important as well.
In my opinion this is the hardest mode in the game, and the one most likely to elicit rage. It's Elimination without power ups and with mines spawned all over the course. I would suggest using a car like the Schneider Vyper for this, and not doing a whole lot of drifting. Don't go full speed all the time, and don't be afraid to use the brake; hitting a mine will be way worse for you than slowing down a little. Try to stay ahead because if you miss a mine but the guy behind you doesn't, you may end up getting caught up in it too. You can exploit that as well though; for instance, if the death timer isn't imminent, running up behind someone and triggering a mine, then using your boost as soon as you're able can slow them down while giving you a quick boost. I'd recommend only using that trick when there's a few people left though, or else you could find yourself getting passed in the process.
Time Attack
This mode is similar to Time Trial, but instead of racing a single lap for the best time, you need to race the normal number of laps for the track. You have a limited amount of time that's replenished by passing through checkpoints, much like you'd see in any old arcade racer. The advice here isn't really any different than Time Trial though: drive real fast, build a lot of boost, use it often.
Extra Tips
Here's some general driving information that doesn't fit into the other sections:

On the street levels, there's some ramps that lead up to a sharp corner. You can slow down to make sure you don't go flying into the wall, but if you have the timing down, starting a drift shortly before going into the air will slow you down just enough and have you pointed in the right direction to continue driving. Just remember, it's a small drift with a shallow angle, you'll spin out in the air if you turn sharply.

Be careful using your boost before a jump. It's fun to go fast and far into the air, but make sure the jump has enough space for you to land and continue to drive. Sometimes, like the jump right before the finish line in the first career playroom stage, using the boost will either rocket you into the wall or leave you too close to it to make the next turn without slowing down or stopping. Learn the tracks, know when it's safe to boost without going off-course. This applies to corners as well, though with smart drifts you can take a lot of corners at high speed.

Even if you have the auto-respawn option turned on, manual use of the respawn can help you out a lot sometimes. There are some situations where the game may not respawn as fast as you can, or where a respawn would be useful even though the game doesn't see the need to trigger it itself, so being quick to hit that button can shave your time down. The default binding is Y on the gamepad and R on the keyboard.

If you're starting to spin or tumble, slow down or respawn as soon as possible. Getting stable sooner will hurt you less than the much longer time you spend going slow because you kept gunning it while going out of control.

If you're having trouble getting the Minesweeper achievement, here's how I did it: stay around second or third place and make sure that whenever you run into a mine, you get the guy ahead of you too. Once you get ten mines, which shouldn't take too long, race ahead and keep the lead until the game is over. And of course, this is much easier if you choose an early Evade race in Career.

To get the Steady Driver achievement, hop into Quick Race and choose the Schneider Vyper. It grips the road well and will be fast enough to win the race, but not so fast as to make you slip or lose control often. Drive carefully and you should have this one in the bag.
And there you go, a few of my tips to get the most out of your races starting out. The guide is still a work in progress and I'm open to any questions you have and might even throw in a FAQ section if I get enough of them. Anything I missed you want to know about? Please, let me know!
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