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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 21 @ 11:55am
Apr 23 @ 4:08am

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Release date: Summer 2016
Search on for DracinMorte and come support us!

DracinMorte is a 3rd/1st person fantasy RPG revolving around a Necromancer King who runs a faction of the underworlds. The other factions conspire to dethrone him, removing him from his power and leaving him nearly dead. He then has to form new bonds, summon new companions, and fight his way back to regaining his throne.

  • 3rd Person and 1st person playability. The game is designed to be easily flipped between the two!
  • Unique Character evolving features. Your character's model actually changes at points in the game based on the class you pick. We'll delve into this more in the gameplay section.
  • Evolving animations. The same attack at lvl 1 and lvl 50 shouldn't look the same!
  • In depth storylines with characters that interact with you on a deeper level.
  • Highly involved companions that communicate with you and form a bond with you.
  • In depth synergy skill system. The trees are deep and taking a skill at tier one can affect your tier 8 skill!
  • Crafting with crafting trees!
  • Gameplay skills that will affect the storyline such as Sense Motive and Persuasion.

King Thanatos worked his way to be king of his own faction of the Underworlds. He gained following for summoning a skeletal dragon that defeated the enemies of the previous king, and when that king passed they pushed Thanatos into the throne, renaming it DracinMorte in his honor.
Now the other factions tire of his care for souls, they treat them as power and currency, but Thanatos believes in respect for the dead, perhaps because he’s a Necromancer himself, the first ever to gain Kingship in the Underworlds. The other factions band together, removing Thanatos from his throne, his faction, destroying his pacts with his undead creatures, and leaving him to nothing.
Banded together, and with the betrayal of a close member of his court they nearly kill Thanatos, leaving him severely weakened, but he is not deterred. The very souls he protected.
He must regain his power, his throne, and the underworlds in order to save the souls.
This is your journey through DracinMorte.
May the souls offer mercy to those you send below.

You can download the current running demo here:
Visit the website and forums through here:

And if you want more information on the game or want to support us, we're live on here: !
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Otterbug Sep 11 @ 11:57pm 
Looks fun good luck
quantum Sep 1 @ 5:44am 
Reminds me of FATE, but voted up
Capt'n Aliztair Aug 1 @ 8:29am 
Voted yes
adzub100 Jul 23 @ 1:29am 
voted yes, good game
DANTES<#THOR#> Jul 19 @ 12:47am 
BachBreaker Jul 1 @ 2:17pm 
"Ask me again later"
[cf] deathshock Jun 19 @ 1:26pm 
ya looks cool
OneShotPaddy Jun 14 @ 4:39pm 
Finally a game where you play a necromancer!!!! Thank Jesus!
Foxinthesnow Jun 10 @ 2:02am 
DragonulRed Jun 5 @ 7:23am