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Disposable Heroes
Apr 21 @ 9:04am
May 18 @ 1:52am

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Release date: November 2014

Once upon a time a king and a queen gave birth to a child so ugly that the sun dissapeared from kingdom and leaving the land in darkness. 4 Clumpsy Heroes are chosen by the king to bring back the head of his cursed son and bring back the light in the kingdom without getting killed by nasty creatures that lurk in the dark!

-The game will have a 2 player co-op system.
(Play alone or let a friend join the game to fight side by side with you on your quest.)

- Hack n slash gameplay
(Fight off all nasty evil trash monsters by bashing the keyboard buttons)

- Ride like the wind
(Special levels like riding your horse through the forest escaping from the claws of evil)

-Dozens of levels full with creatures
(Each level will have it's surprises, it may be full of monsters or just avoid dangerous traps)

-Puzzles to solves
(You might have to solve a puzzle whilesearching the dungeons of evil nasty looking creatures.)

-Mini games
(Riding on your horse escaping from the hordes of evil or avoid deadly spikes while looking for the king's son)

-Multiple endings
(The story can have different endings, all based on how to act within the different levels of the game)

-4 characters to choose from
(Choose out of 4 useless heroes all with no special power /The Wizard/The Gladiator/The Princess/The Orc all chosen by the king)

-More than 30 weapons
(Find treasure chests full of goodies and weapons, swords/magic orbs/forcefields/potions and even laser guns)

-Hilarious deaths
(Try not to laugh to hard while seeing your hero getting killed in many weird ways)

-Full story mode
(Follow the story and get involved with this heartbreaking story that might win more awards than titanic once did)

-Survival mode
(Get into the action with this non stop action mode,how long can you survive)

Disposable Heroes will have so many evil characters that are dying to get a piece from you!
They are all sent to kill you by the mysterious evil lizard king. Once a good old friend of the king and queen.
but forced to leave the sacred kingdom after a horribly accident that found place 20 years ago.

Player 1
Movement : W/A/S/D
Action Primary: C
Action Secundairy: V
Use Objects: 1/2/3/4/5

Player 2
Movement : Arrows
Action Primary: N
Action Secundairy: M
Use Objects: 6/7/8/9/0

Once upon a time, in a land long forgotten by many, lived a king and his queen.
Happily married, deeply in love and adored by their people, their lives were perfect as could be,
yet they longed for a baby to be their heir.

One spring day the newsboy ran through the streets shouting “Long live the king and his son – long live the king and his son!”
Word was out that the royal couple were expecting their first child, and the whole nation rejoiced.

But on the day of the child’s birth, the most terrible fate befell them... the sun which had shone so brightly across the kingdom every day shone no more once the boy was born.

The citizens were shocked, the king and his wife paralysed with sadness for this child was so hideous, so ugly, so despicable. Not even his own father dared to look at him.

With the sun gone, the townsfolk rioted, demanding the king sacrifice this child to fill the land with happiness again.
Each and every day the king sat on his throne, thinking, and each and every night he would stare at the moon for hours, trying to decide what to do.

Ten years of darkness, hunger and sickness passed before the king finally made the most difficult decision, to sacrifice his only son.
“This will break my heart,” he cried, “but it must be done for the sake of mankind.”

Hearing these words from his own father in the next room, the boy escaped through a secret passage and fled into the forest to live the rest of his life.

Time and time again the king sent his best men into the dark lands to track down and kill his son, yet none of the soldiers ever returned. The evil in the kingdom grew stronger and without the light of the sun, the land would be doomed forever.

When there were no soldiers left, the king gathered a group of four strong villagers to search the castle, inside and out, to find the young fugitive- and to bring back his head.

It is here that our journey begins...

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(._.) <3 cbble Aug 20 @ 6:54am 
Loving the arts (^_^)

(._.) approves.
Colenzo Aug 17 @ 11:17am 
disposable .. indeed.
Sego Jancuk Jul 21 @ 6:40am 
voted :)
GOLD Jul 10 @ 4:21am 
Good game, Voted!
TRWX Jul 8 @ 4:49am 
The art style creeps me out. I can't sleep anymore.
Plague doctor -=(AM.SN)=- Jun 27 @ 12:08pm 
voted is to nice and awesome
Inle Jun 17 @ 1:01am 
This looks hilarious. Upvote
[TEG]theozzy100 Jun 8 @ 2:40pm 
Sorry voted no looks like a good game but i could never get past the graphics being worse then a n-64 game
Chucker May 28 @ 4:05am 
I reckon you should change your Greenlight thumbnail to reflect the in-game art (which is more fun).
[F.A.P.D] Neskro May 22 @ 5:39pm 
voted :)