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Scenario Map: Altis
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Apr 18, 2014 @ 3:22pm
Apr 20, 2014 @ 6:42am
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Based on an actual ECAS Mission (watch vid in media, above)

IMPORTANT: This is developed with base BIS functions. Please turn off all mods if you experience any issues.
FM 102-5-3

Mission is as follows: Emergency Close Air Support, IP grid 063132. Guns only in support of SPECOPs CSAR. Be aware, on-scene commander reports enemy forces well within minimum safe danger close. You are authorized MSD danger close, commander's initials Bravo Gulf. Two Ghosthawks en route for extract, no other friendlies in area. Team CCT will make contact for talk on, TYPE1 Control.

Wipeout A-164, Archer Flight, 1 of 1.
Task CAS on ALTCOM Command priority.

Altis Air Base mid runway ARP for rearm, repair, and medical.

You're authorized rearm and retask to East Live Fire Range if you need flight hours.

- Turn your music and radio volume up.
- You can 'spacebar.x2' from the cockpit to toggle a full screen 'quick glance' view of the UAV feed. This SADL/UAV link is meant to be a virtual replacement of the 'TGP' view on the MFCD. 'spacebar.x2 again to exit it after a quick glance. Calibrating the link from the hanger will ensure you won't have to mess with it in flight.
- Please read the initial briefing (or Journal) for tips and more information

- IMPORTANT: Some people have asked questions about how many OPFOR need to be taken out to succeed in the mission. The answer is: none. As long as you suppress the OPFOR enough for BLUFOR to make it to the extract choppers and get off the ground, you're golden. In my experience, if there are more than 5 OPFOR, it's probably not going to happen, but it is uncertain since it's dynamic and happens differently each time. Remember though, BLUFOR are out of ammo... they'll get shot in the back making their way to extract if you don't suppress well enough. The timing of when BLUFOR moves to extract is variable as well. It depends on how close OPFOR is getting, etc. You'll hear CCT say 'We're moving! We're moving South!' when they actually move. I achieve this through variable timing between radio calls, and making the actual move event consistent with the 'moving' radio call in the sqf.

TASK1 Success/Fail params:
FAIL: BLUFOR < 3 or CSAR choppers cannot move
SUCCESS: OPFOR = 0 or Choppers loaded and off the ground

NOTICE: I'm no longer supporting this mission or creating new ones within ARMA3. There are too many jerks in the community these days and I've moved on. If you need assistance you might try posting on the BIS forums. Have fun. [/h1]

Be sure to try Close Air Support(Day2) as well.
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Seifer Firehart Jul 6 @ 7:22pm 
Very nice mission though too easy.
Sixgun Jun 9 @ 9:09pm 
Harm, it's a shame that you're not doing ArmA3 content anymore. I hope you're still playing. Stay in touch.
Sethinius Maxxumilious May 23 @ 1:17am 
This is my first Mission played in Arma 3, and it really intense because you hear the actual sound of the guys calling for help...
Kill La Kill Apr 2 @ 6:45am 
Is there way that i can use the A-10 from a Mod (how to span)
ICE_AGE2 Mar 22 @ 10:09am 
man that sucks
[TFaO]GAKB90 Mar 10 @ 6:03am 
This is a very well made and challenging mission. Took a few attempts to complete it, after doing so I treated myself to some live fire exercise at the range. Great work!
Arkhir Feb 20 @ 12:00pm 
krowman Feb 19 @ 12:54am 
Really liked this mission. The radio chatter really brings a sense of urgency.
Wookiejedi Feb 9 @ 7:23pm 
I just returned to this mission while using the new "mighty GAU-8" mod.Oh wow!now that is how that gun should work-not like the vannila Arma version.Now it actually can destroy tanks the way the GAU-8 was built to in real life. :D
DGeorge85 Jan 8 @ 5:19pm 
I'm late to the party, but I wanted to give a big thumbs up to the obvious effort put into your missions.

I stumbled into your work when trying to look up some form of AI JTAC cooperation for human pilots. There are numerous addons with simple AI piloted CAS integration, but you seem to be the only one who has done the opposite within your missions. I was wondering if there is any easy way to implement your AI JTAC functionality into other missions. I mostly play alone, using ALIVE to create a battlefield. The problem is that flying CAS is hardly an option unless I want to fly aimlessly looking for targets.

If you are willing to, I'd appreciate an accepted friend request to discuss some of your features. I'm DGeorge85 on the BIS forums if that is better for you. If your AI JTAC functionality was built into a module for the editor or something similar it would bring a lot to the table, especially for those like myself looking to have a simple way to set up dynamic CAS scenarios.