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Genre: Action, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 17 @ 4:22pm

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Behind-the-scenes with Magus
Magus, a mysterious person held captive and tortured for years until a woman named Kinna saves him. She tells him that he is a god, a man who can use powerful magics and he is destined to decide the fate of the world. However, in order to fulfill his destiny, Magus must fight his way against dangerous soldiers, giants and more. Will he become the god he was meant to be, or fall into ruin?

Magus is a third-person action-adventure game that brings fun-filled action at a great value from Black Tower, a Japanese indie development studio, and Aksys Games. As Magus, you will be able to propel powerful magic at your enemies and develop key skills to aid in your fight against the warriors and monsters that stand before you.

Dive Head First Into The Action!

Magus is for those who enjoy fun, yet simple gameplay at a fantastic value. Magus’s simple controls allow players to pick up the game and start destroying enemies almost as soon as you hit start. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, there’s something for everyone. Want a challenge? The difficulty settings can be changed at any time so if you feel that things are either getting a bit too hairy or a bit too easy, the gauge can be changed to your liking.

Skills - Fireballs, Black Holes, Oh My!

Magus is equipped with the ability to absorb three types of magic - red, blue and green. With each of these colors, Magus can shoot either weak or strong magic as a basic form of attack. Each color also has certain skills that can be obtained and upgraded as you gain more experience. Some of these skills include sending your enemies through a black hole, throwing “hell” fire or even becoming a giant.

Assign up to three skills as you progress through the game, changing them any time you would like. It is up to you whether you want to be a mage of one color, or master all three colors. Each skill offers something new and will help you unlock puzzles and fend off enemies.

Kinna - Your Bodyguard

Kinna is Magus’s “tank” and will go into battle to help Magus on his quest. With her mighty sword, Kinna utilizes her skills as a warrior to help protect Magus against the enemies that come before him. Beware, Kinna isn’t just there to aid you as she will take on damage and at times become incapacitated, leaving you alone to fight against enemies.

Ahh-Mazing Mazes

Once you finish the prologue of the game and enter “Magus” tower, you will be able to go to various areas to unravel the mysteries of your destiny. Whether it be deep within the mines or in the cold of the north, each map will reveal new monsters and challenges. Magus will also feature additional expansion packs to test your skills in new areas.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

While the overall tone of Magus is serious, that doesn’t mean you have to be. Magus allows players to customize the title character with a variety of fun, funky head-ware, from a traditional helmet to the rather yellow, spiky and oddly familiar hair styles!
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Alexmlego Jul 27 @ 4:27pm 
it looks like it has the selction of dark souls
swisspike Jul 27 @ 2:05pm 
You might do better if you don't call your customers bitches, and then talk about grabbing your crotch. This works for 12 year olds, but not for adults with debit cards.
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Voted!! Cross-Promotion in Steam
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I want a Japanese implementation.
When will that be implemented?
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that could look nice
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Rpg combat in a Third person shooter? I don't think you understand how they work. you need to not have it as an RPG game, but a hitbox detection. Not just a helth bar. You are going in the right direction but you need to smooth so much that you might want to take the moddles and make a new game with them. (Also work on the anamations)
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Needs more polishment.
vlad_ghost2002 Jul 13 @ 9:25am 
no thank you. kill it with fire
moonstone140 Jun 24 @ 8:43pm 
Wait, why is this game on Steam Greenlight? it was already released on the PS3 and to negatively panned reviews. This game was terrible and soulless. This seems like a slap in the face of the people who bought the PS3 version. What, was the PS3 version a beta build that you all made look like a complete PS3 game?