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Sword of the Ancient Tongues
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Apr 16, 2014 @ 9:23am
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Sword of the Ancient Tongues

Adds a new sword fitting into TES' lore. It has the Seal of Akatosh engraved in the handle and letters in dovahzul also engraved in the blade, which says "- Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to keep evil forever at bay..."

Sword of the Anciet Tongues can be acquired by crafting under the Daedric perk smithing menu. You'll need silver, steel and ebony ingots, also some leather strips.

If you wish you can also type in the console "help tongues" to get it's ID and then use the player.additem command add it to your inventory.

Download from GameBanana[skyrim.gamebanana.com]
Download from NexusMods[www.nexusmods.com]
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May 21 @ 12:16am
doesnt work
Plastic Feline
Apr 2 @ 3:47pm
Can you make a bow like this?
Jiminey Cricket
Jun 16, 2014 @ 5:28pm
< >
Yggdrasil 8 hours ago 
Amazing work, this sword just looks freakin' awesome!

... Only problem I do have (& it is nitpicking I suppose), is that the scabbard appears far too low down on the character's hip. If you compare where the hilt should be in relation to the other swords that are rather higher up it looks wrong. Is there any chance that'll be fixed?

Other than that though this is practically flawless work. Well done!
[GmT] Flan-Chan 19 hours ago 
my god, this sword is sexy as hell.
I, Darkstar X ((BRB shower) May 11 @ 3:00pm 
Ender May 7 @ 9:28pm 
should make an armor that goes with it.
AlexQuinn13 May 5 @ 1:34pm 
It's the Nordic armor. They are both wearing it.
XTG_7Z May 1 @ 1:57am 
In the picture which is I'm assuming your housecarl, what armor is that she's wearing?
[Hero]edgar_hidan Apr 30 @ 1:22pm 
Nice Mod, I do really hope that they add a donation option, I would gladly donate to mods like this that really deserve our support, thanks for this great mod.
[RB]Wulf Apr 28 @ 1:41pm 
Corvalho, don't get us wrong but, atleast for me I was against it because modders seem'd to get next to nothing from paid mods, I bet a more people would have been ok with it if the modders got atleast a decent amount of the money. If they would redo this but make it so the modders get aleast half of the money or something close to that. A lot more people would have been willing to go along with it, but it just seem'd like Gabe and bethesda wanted to screw everyone over, because really 30% to valve and fookin 45% to bethesda, and the modders who put so much work into making these mods get 25%. While bethesda and valve just sit on their ass and get most of the $$$. Im sorry but 25% isn't fair for anyone.
kbaker9511 Apr 28 @ 9:36am 
I really loved the sword you made and thought it was amazing and I appreciated the time you spent to make it. I always hoped you make an armor set to go with the sword, and then you made the Gifts of Akatosh. But you put it up when when we had to pay for the mods and that sadden me. But then when they ended paying for mods I was overjoyed cause then I could use the awesome armor with the sword, and then you hidden it.

I really hope you reconsider hiding the Gifts of Akatosh just because you can't sale it anymore, its a really nice mod and doesn't deserve to be put away just because you can't make a $ for it.
Ash Apr 27 @ 1:27pm 
can you make it a quest to get the sword?
Perhaps once you get the blade through a quest, you can then craft & upgrade it? I'd almost be willing to pay for a decently quested sword & armor, something that wasn't just given to me or only craftable. Actually getting the item through a leveled quest, and able to upgrade the weapon/armor afterward [similar to how Lilacor can be upgraded from its original to bronze then later to gold.]