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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Apr 16 @ 5:23am
Apr 18 @ 10:58am

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New build available (2014.08.25)
SDL2 Reached (Win,Linux,Android)
Release date: Q3.2014
CaesarIA is open source remake of Caesar III(c).

In game you can create, development and manage city in Ancient Rome. Player receives for management empty earth on which it will build roman city according of emperor tasks, who is called Caesar. Egyptians or carfagens which want to steal your goods and kill your citizens! The good lock with high walls will help to cope with any invasions.

The agriculture, extraction and production of goods will demand adjustment of production chains and if the necessary goods can't be got in the city, your trade partner can always sell it to you using land or maritime trade routes.

Access to services, entertainmentы, hygiene, education, taxation and market goods is presented by citizens (walkers) who can be sent from service buildings to patrol streets. Any house which was served, has an access to services. All movements of goods and the servicemen are reflected by citizens going on streets: the player can see, how crop are progresses on farm and when it will be ready to catch, the worker will push a full cart from a farm to the nearest warehouse or granary; then come back with an empty cart.

Battles are fought, orders to a legion to go to the enemy, then to stay in special formation. After that soldiers independently enter and fight a battle.

There is no editing of a landscape except continuous removal of trees to clear away the earth for construction.

+ loading maps from original Caesar III.
+ save\load game state
+ create\destroy buildings and construction
+ constructions influence on desirability around
+ migration(in/out) of citizens
+ warehouses and granaries for storage of goods and products
+ damages\fires of buildings
+ entertainment constructions (theaters, collisions and B'day)
+ imperial trade network with the computer-cities
+ fishing, agriculture, extraction
+ Information layers for city states
+ prefects, engineers, trainee, soldiers and other
+ advisers
+ employments simulation
+ houses grow depending conditions around
+ health care and water supply
+ military buildings and war action

Current state
+ Now it is possible to download the game alpha version.

Plans for the future
- realistic financial system (salaries, purchase of goods, job search)
- specification of citizens, preservation of parameters of thoughts and formation of requirements
- bog or seamlessness maps
- terrain editing
- computer players (cities) and simulation of a distribution network
- network (web/local)

With your support i'll create remake of great game and add new opportunities.
Bitbucket page and bugtracker[]

Any used names, symbols or other copyrighted material is the property of the respective owners.
We do not take any responsibility if this mod harms your software or hardware.
We assume that you (end user/player) own a licensed copy of the Caesar III(c), otherwise you should buy the game before using this mod. Failing to do so will be breaching the license agreement.
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Ixyptla 40 minutes ago 
Awww I miss this game so much! I lost my Caesar III disk and would love to be able to play it again!!! Would definitely buy this game.
Neka Aug 30 @ 5:20am 
игра ОГОНЬ лет 15 в нее не играл :)
Koflip Aug 30 @ 4:35am 
Я тебя помню, ты тот чувак с хабра.
^Supp0rt Or Feed Aug 29 @ 5:51am 
Good job m8 ... keep going
Doxpelganger Aug 28 @ 4:48pm 
Un Clasico este juego.
seria bueno si estuviera disponible en Steam :/
copyrights Aug 27 @ 9:25am 
I just love the original one, hope native support for linux will improve game play :D
dalerank  [author] Aug 26 @ 9:43pm 
Если вы про оригинал, то он вышел в 1998 году и называется Caesar III. Про ремейк: скачать и поиграть можно уже сейчас, насчет выхода в стиме сказать не могу т.к. возможны проблемы с правами на текстуры.
Mr.Smith Aug 26 @ 3:03pm 
Когда игра выйдет?
beekivendi Aug 25 @ 7:45pm 
dalerank  [author] Aug 21 @ 11:55pm 
it's grandfather of Emperor )))