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Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 18 @ 11:56am
Aug 15 @ 8:56am

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Release date: April 20th, 2014

Fjall is an epic 2D platformer and light puzzler, set in a magical world deep inside a mountain. Play as a crystal ball armed with the power of the elements and delve into the malice of a dragon’s lair.

About the Game

Imprisoned within a dragon’s lair you have but one chance to escape—today by fate or chance is the lone day in a century the dragon slumbers. You must send your crystal ball into his hoard, evade his traps, and steal his treasure to bleed him of his might. Channel the elements to fly, burn, and smash your way through the dragon’s maze, and summon the spirits of the animals to transform yourself into 5 distinct magical forms. Above all cleave to the light, for the dark holds only malice.

Key Features

Play as a crystal ball guided telepathically by a wizard through the untold perils of a dragon’s lair.
Wield the power of the elements to fly, burn, and smash your way past a host of draconic obstacles.
Assume 5 distinct magical forms based on your spirit allies.
Explore 40 hand-painted levels, stunningly revealed through the interplay of light and shadows.
A mystical world of breathtaking beauty. Every action brings a new sense of wonder—and menace.
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Gonza_jp Aug 13 @ 5:33pm 
Nice one
[BlackXS] Aug 11 @ 2:02am 
i like this game, and very like platformer game's like this, voted YES!
Iwawa May 29 @ 3:50am 
this game is similiar to this game ,
[dR]_Candy_[DVDA] May 11 @ 5:01am 
why does it have an Icelandic name? Fjall = Mountain
C# Apr 30 @ 9:50am 
I love that kind of games. I believe in you, gays! I think this game "Fjall" will be incredible!
izverg911 Apr 22 @ 8:45am 
Я думал игры с таким визуальным исполнением уже изжили себя у разработчиков, аннн нетс есть ещё любители отсталого "олдскула". Сейчас кстати разрабатывается подобная игра, но там есть и красивое графическое исполнение подкреплённое внятной историей, ну так они обещают)
lexder Apr 22 @ 5:21am 
Voted, looks good.
Haommond[TH] Apr 21 @ 2:12am 
Magic of rain Apr 21 @ 12:02am 
I love the game!
HoneyB Apr 20 @ 8:38pm