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Flix The Flea
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 15 @ 4:00am
Jun 30 @ 4:16am

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Release date: Third quarter 2014
Meet Flix: the tiniest, springiest of heroes who makes a bid for freedom in Psychotic Psoftware's high-flying platformer.

So Who's This Flix Fellow?

Well as you're asking, Flix is a Flea who lives on a Dog, who in turn lives on an intrepid space-exploring rocket-ship... with me so far? Good

...When his rocket-ship sets down on a seemingly desolate little planetoid, Flix hops off to do some exploring of his own.

After taking an unfortunate nosedive into a nearby chasm, Flix is now a lost flea. Utilizing his disproportionately powerful flea-legs, it's Flix's mission to escape from a series of deep and foreboding caves, which are inhabited by some ugly, deadly, and very hungry monsters.

By hurling himself ever upwards, Flix must navigate treacherous terrain and avoid the jaws of certain death in the hope that he can make it back to his rocket-ship and the sanctuary of his warm and cozy doggie home.

Sounds a bit nuts?... yeah, it is.

But it's good too!


Where Did The Idea For Flix Come From?

Very little in games is utterly original. Often we see innovations and experiments on popular game models, which in turn generate ever improving and evolving approaches to those genres... and Flix is no exception to the rule.

Over my formative years as a gamer, I saw loads of good game mechanics come and go. Some were explored in great detail with wonderful results while I felt that others really didn't get as much attention and exploration as they should have had.

The mechanics behind the games that preceded Flix really fell into this second category... So sure, what I'm trying here has been done before in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras... In fact, Flix The Flea actually started life as a straight hobby remake of a ZX Spectrum favourite of mine "La Pulga", also called "Bugaboo" here in the UK. Bugaboo generated a lot of ports and genre variations over the following years, but I feel that while these were all based on great core ideas, the mechanics were never given the justice they deserved and as a result, have been all but forgotten by a generation of gamers.

Well, making little games through Psychotic Psoftware allows me to do them that justice... or at least to have a really good try.

...And backing this campaign is a great way to be a part of that experiment.


So how Does Flix Play?

Yes, Flix The Flea is broadly a platformer, but we're not talking a D-pad and a jump button here...

In controlling Flix, we want to simulate a flea's reliance on jumping to get around, and to do that effectively, not only do we need to take walking out of the equation, but we also need an element of control over the height of jumping.

As with other games in the Flea genre, Flix uses a left/right control system where jump height depends purely on how long you hold the button for. When you release the button, Flix jumps... and that's it!

Now, sure it sounds simplistic, but controlling Flix within the confines of the terrain, then aiming him out of the top of a cave through a small hole in the ceiling, all the while dodging and hiding from monsters... well, getting all that right really takes a bit of skill and nerve.

For some extra colour, balance and depth, I've also added points bonuses in hard-to-reach places, which when collected eventually lead to extra lives... not to mention the randomly generating Armour power-up which allows you to take a hit (and to effectively hit back) whenever you're cornered by a monster. All of this, along with a series of increasingly challenging terrains and visual themes for each of Flix The Flea's levels serves to open up and expand on the game model quite nicely.

Overall, Flix has just the right balance of fun and frustration to make for a very entertaining and addictive gaming experience!

I'm rather proud of it, and I'd really love to see it released through Steam.


So, thanks for taking the time to check Flix out.

I'll be working hard to make Flix The Flea as irresistibly engaging, charming and generally well produced as I can over the next few months, with my fingers crossed tight that you can see your way to voting it up so I can get it out there to a broader audience.

If you like the look of Flix the Flea, I'd really appreciate your help...

See you on the other side!

Mike (Psychotic Psoftware)



Hello. I'm Mike Hanson - the one-man studio better known as Psychotic Psoftware. I recently started designing, coding, drawing, and doing pretty much everything else on my very own little video games which I based broadly on the 8-bit and 16-bit era I loved so dearly when growing up.

My plan was to create a library of my own top quality, home made games which give my generation the chance to relive all the best things about our gaming childhood but with modernised art, music, and overall production, while introducing those classic gaming values to a new generation too.

As I get better at this Code/Art/Music lark, the plan is to branch out a bit and put some of my bigger ideas to the test.

Come join me on Twitter @psypsoft. I'm learning and sharing as I go...

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I like it because I liked even the first game "Power Up" from "Psychotic Psoftware"!
the order of ortega Jul 21 @ 4:40am 
bringing old school iders in to the new age and you got to love that and power up is a lot of fun so more please
[CLF] Havoc Jul 19 @ 3:45am 
Power Up was awesome, so I obviously threw this a yes.
Jetgirl Jul 12 @ 3:27am 
Voted yes because I love casual, simple arcade style games and this looks like a good one.
vlad_ghost2002 Jul 10 @ 2:30am 
it's retarded.
Jaslow75 Jul 9 @ 1:35pm 
Yes. Because Bugaboo
BachBreaker Jul 2 @ 2:15pm 
I don't know, the game has too simple graphics.
Maevrim Jun 23 @ 9:35am 
Cannot wait to play this :3
[cf] deathshock Jun 19 @ 1:27pm 
KidToucher69 Jun 17 @ 8:29am 
Looks great! I'll try to recommend to Markiplier when it comes out, I think the views will help out! The concept actually sounds like fun releasing a button to jump. Anyways can't wait!