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Apr 9 @ 8:03am

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PlayTown is a unique blend of online virtual world and casual social gaming experience that takes place within a cheerful visualized toony theme. Let PlayTown be your town!

PlayTown is currently in Open Beta. Play now by visiting:

Relax in the cheerful world of PlayTown. Explore, meets friends, chat and have fun!

Character Customization
You are able to choose between dozens of different clothes and parts for you character along with their color, including special costumes like ninja, redhood, cowboy or cleopatra!

Your Own Space
There are currently three different apartments that you can choose to own and freeform customize with dozens of items both decorative and interactive, like furnitures, mini-games, YouTube TVs, music streaming Stereos and custom image frames!

Choose and ride your own vehicle like Vespa, Pogo, Skateboard or Bicycle!

Play various mini-games found in PlayTown like Basketball shooting, backgammon and darts!

Objectives / Dynamic Quests / Achievements
Complete objectives and dynamic global quests around PlayTown. Perform various daily tasks like feeding the fishes, cleaning the house, reading books and more and unlock various achievements while doing so!

Compete with others players for best mini-game scores, and overall PlayTown score. Get a chance to be in the Top 10 and earn some exclusive bonuses!

Organize you own events and attend other events by using the in-game Events Calendar!

And so much more...!
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Apr 19 @ 4:00am
Jul 12 @ 10:35pm
So, is this like Second Life...
< >
Бацька Sep 9 @ 12:04pm 
Чем-то смахивает на симс
[Käse]GmodBuilder Sep 5 @ 8:13pm 
This Is Kinda Like The Sims 3 Im Voting For This
The Easy Rider [Brony] Aug 19 @ 1:47am 
sounds Interesting^^
N4p0L3TaN0 Aug 17 @ 3:56am 
a4440a Aug 13 @ 6:28pm 
What, no thzombie mode?

Seriously, looks kind of neat but, mang, you don't say if it's going to be free to play or sub-based or whatever else.

I don't have a problem buying a game but I'm not adding to my monthly bills to play one and I'm damned sure not wasting my time with restricted "free to play".

Nope. I'd almost rather play a thzombie game. Almost...
Freddy Krueger Aug 12 @ 8:31pm 
I don't really think this is my type of game. Personally in my opinion, it looks like sims meets grand theft auto. Then again, i have a feeling that this isn't everyone's opinion and i also have a feeling that there are probably a few gamers who would enjoy to play this game.
gemoman133 Aug 2 @ 6:32am 
i want this game!!!
GodSlayer Aug 2 @ 6:16am 
Theflaxer Jul 31 @ 12:27am 
When you can ride a car, this game would be perfect :)
[TTN] A[N]T Jul 29 @ 1:22pm 
Looks very good.