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Dragon Maze by FelineArts
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Apr 7, 2014 @ 5:50pm
Feb 25, 2015 @ 12:44pm
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Reorganizing information sites for the development
Release date: End 2015 - Beginning 2016
The World of Dragon Maze
In Dragon Maze you play as Suki, a little dragon who is on its way to save Nina, Nina is Suki's best friend, she was captured by the evil "Klaw Gang", they capture exotic and rare creatures and sell them for gold, in this adventure you will travel trough forests, caves, mountains and other diferent and beautiful environments, each one with its own game mechanics.

Mechanics and Features
Dragonmaze is a 3d/Action/Adventure/Platformer where the main focus is to bring back the "old school controller action". In Dragonmaze you will have to perform timed and precisse jumps to advance trough the level and you will be able to learn or upgrade new abilities as your journey progresses.

Target Platforms
Game is beeing developed for pc and consoles, our alpha is currently running on Pc, PS VITA and OUYA, however still not sure if we will keep ouya as a target platform. Also we are searching for publish on other consoles as Xbox and WiiU / 3ds, still no news for that.

Stage of development:
all the footage on this page is from the Alpha stage, graphics are beeing updated, mechanics and animations have aready been improved, Beta footage will be released around March.

Game Features:
  • Travel trough various different environments, each one with different game mechanics
  • More than 50 levels
  • Old school controller action
  • Buy items to aid you in your adventure
  • Unlock dragons with special abilities
  • Extra game modes for replay value
  • Online top scores / best time.
  • Full controller support
  • And of course very fun

a pc demo is available for the press, feel free to contact us trough or
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C O N Jun 26 @ 11:45pm 
§§mextli.damian May 19 @ 9:29pm 
ese lune es un desmadre XD
Feline Arts  [author] May 19 @ 9:28pm 
la informacion que tengo aqui es muy vieja.. tengo que actualizar antes de que se acabe esta semana!!
§§mextli.damian May 19 @ 9:04pm 
:v todavia me acuerdo de la primera vez que lo vi vuelvo y :´v pero lo sigo esperando :v X2
☪✡PashaPugᴴᴰ☭ Mar 9 @ 12:25pm 
:v todavia me acuerdo de la primera vez que lo vi vuelvo y :´v pero lo sigo esperando :v
Feline Arts  [author] Jan 22 @ 7:48pm 
@Zan' Herz™ 🆅🅰🅻🆅🅴 sigo en ello =3, todos los retrasos han sido para mejorar el desarrollo, un trailer de gameplay nuevo debe de estar en los proximos meses, el tiempo de demora ha valido la pena, gracias por el interes =3
¿Para cuando queda mi shabo?
Feline Arts  [author] Jan 11 @ 12:30pm 
@SonicQuack Definately =3
SonicQuack Jan 10 @ 11:19am 
The world always needs more dragons :)
^:ExiLe:^ Jan 2 @ 10:45am 
Nice Game