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UnSummoning: the Spectral Horde
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 6 @ 4:50pm
Jun 24 @ 8:47pm

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Release date: April, 2014
UnSummoning: the Spectral Horde is an arcade/action/puzzle/shooter game. You take on the role of an ineffectual necromancer who has summoned an army of vengeful spirits to wreak havoc upon the world. Unfortunately, they only want to wreak havoc on YOU! Now you must undo what you have done by gathering the power of magic sigils and using that power to blast the ghouls back to the netherworld.


- Addictive Puzzle/Shooting Gameplay: A mix of top-down shooting action with fast-paced color-matching puzzle elements.

- Story Mode: Fight through 10 levels across multiple environments, including Swamps, Graveyards, Badlands, and the dreaded Tower of Chaos!

- Arena Mode: Survive as long as possible against ever larger waves of ghouls. Choose from 10 different arenas and rack up high scores in endless, arcade-style gameplay.
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Jul 22 @ 2:17pm
Steam cloud / Trading cards / Achievements ?
-[GP]- NoR`Alucard [ATF]
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Ego Tempest 16 hours ago 

Cool, now its in the Humble Store. Hope it gets Greenlight. I enjoyed playing it.
Grodoboldo Jul 23 @ 2:59pm 
I liked the concept. Would buy it for the right price.
Good luck!
trevor.williams Jul 6 @ 12:08pm 
Looks great!
AndreCore Jun 30 @ 10:42am 
high interesting. buy it!
yolcu1293 Jun 27 @ 12:23pm 
An interesting game. Voted. Goog luck :)
Heavy Unit Jun 26 @ 8:18pm 
DDuunneeWWaarriioorr Jun 25 @ 8:28pm 
Puzzle dungeons ... yes!
4yPka Jun 25 @ 6:00pm 
bocko Jun 25 @ 1:59pm 
A nice little game. :) It's not as easy as it seams. I've just bought it on IGS PWYW. It works well on Linux and it's fun to play.

+1 and good luck. :)