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Johnny Adolf Stories
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English, Polish
Players: Single-player
Apr 5 @ 7:45pm
Apr 15 @ 2:13am

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One sunny spring morning, Johnny decides to beat his high score in Flappy Bird. Unfortunately, it just isn't his day. But lo' and behold - a bottle of Adolf comes to the rescue. After gulping it down, Johnny's ready to take his little adventure to the next stage..

Become the pigiest of pigs, the hamiest of hams! Fart, divide and conquer, and send those ducks flying high... Flapping high. Experience a game that holds no punches and isn't afraid to be absolutely outrageous

There might be other Flappy Bird clones out there... But how many of them include sharp-as-hell electric saws, an intoxinated pig and ducks that just can't wait to have their guts spilled all over the muddy terrain. Now go, piglets. Go and make 'em flap

Johnny Adolf Stories is a Pack of pig "Johnny" Adventures.

Currenty First story is available on android device for free there:
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Rainbow Factory Jul 26 @ 2:17pm 
Оба трейлера удаленны,каково моё удивление? 0 из 10
Игра не имеет никакой смысловой и логичной нагрузки...стилистика-детская,даже большое количество кровяки это не изменит. Игра имеет миллионы аналогов,некоторые из них удачные,большинство неочень. и эта относится к второй половине.
ZzAnonymous Jul 21 @ 3:32am 
[S.T.G] EXTREME-GABRIEL Jul 20 @ 9:30am 
vai lançar quando?
nmva1 Jul 20 @ 4:41am 
Houston Jul 18 @ 11:17pm 
Wow I browse through games and see this blatant animal rights violation and cruelty. Truly disgusting. Bad ethics and morale here.
hentayschik Jul 17 @ 9:38am 
slowedbasher91 Jul 16 @ 12:16pm 
brutal flappy bird? YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP!
Cardbored Jul 10 @ 8:13pm 
a copy of flappy bird and putting a mobile game in the PC market...
dadnaya Jul 9 @ 5:23am 
Flappy bird? Worst game ever.
This game? Hell no!
Puncture Wound Jul 5 @ 11:58pm 
Linux support?