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Cars Incorporated
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German
Apr 6 @ 2:33pm

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A crowdfunding boost?
So where does this leave us now?

Actually - if things stay as they were in the last 3 months - we're getting close to me being able to work full or at least part time on the game. If the amount of sales from these 3 months were to come each month I could start working fulltime on the game, which would lead to you seeing a lot more and a lot more refined updates.

This is a huge improvement, as the game would have needed to make 10 times what it did during 2013 on average.

So to help and take these final steps in speeding things up a final, shorter Indiegogo campaign (42 days until August, 10th) has been launched. The goal of the campaign is to gather the funds I need to be able to fully concentrate on developing for the next 2-3 months. (If the sales hold up or go further up, potentially even longer.) During that time Cars Incorporated's user interface (UI) will receive a major makeover to get rid of what appears to be the biggest problem of the game in getting attention: The graphics.

The new UI

Right now the new UI is in the planing stages but I intend to show a prototype sometime in July. The main difference will be that the background of the screens will not consist of pre-rendered images as it was originally intended (and like the simple office backdrop already works). Instead the background will feature a 3D scene that is being rendered on the fly by your graphics card. The submenues will be - for the most part - available in 3 sizes in windows that can be moved around. A mini view, a regular view and an expanded view that features additional information but requires higher resolutions then the default 800x600.

This has multiple advantages over the current AND the previously planned system:

  • The game becomes independent from the resolution. This means that you can select from a variety of resolutions, giving you more or less room for the menu windows and it will neither look pixelated because of scaling nor will it require pre-rendered backdrops for every resolution (which would significantly increase the installation size)
  • The flexibility of what the game shows will be greatly increased. With the old system every object that might change would need to be pre-rendered in it's position, which is a lot of additional work. With the 3D setup I would just need to swap 3D models, allowing for an easy replacement of furniture and other props to reflect the advanecment of time over 125 years of gametime.
  • Animated details will also become easier to implement and would not take up a lot of space for pre-rendered animation sequences. For instance the ceiling ventilator I've been wanting to add to the office would need dozends of pre-rendered images to fake a movement. In 3D I just need to rotate it.
  • The incorporation of the 3D cars into their environment will be seamless. As an older test on Facebook has shown: Slapping the 3D cars on a preexisting 2D image looks awful, so adding the cars to any of the screens would not be an option. With the 3D environment it can simply be placed there. For instance in a research room, between some spare parts and drawing boards a prototype car could be placed.

Some people might have gotten the wrong idea about the word 3D in the initial name of the campaign, so I removed it. Just to clarify: You're not going to walk around in those rooms, all that will change is the way the environment is rendered, not the way it is used.

IMPORANT: What you can do to help

Aside from the obvious answer of contributing funds to the campaign it is VERY important to get the word out. As you all probably know by now I completely s*ck at marketing, so the most important part you can do is to help spread the word. Use the tools on the campaign page to share it on Facebook, tweet about it, e-Mail about it and get people to notice. If you like the game this can become a huge advantage to you as well as the game will be significantly faster developed and will turn out much more refined if this final attempt at crowdfunding hits the mark.

Of course there is also a new referral contest involved in which you can win the game, including a chance to be in the game yourself and of course access to the Inner Circle.

So please share the campaign as often as you can and help me out on the front that I alone can't suceed on: Getting exposure. Click here to visit the campaign. You can also find it in the links of the Greenlight page now.

Update to version 0.34
New Features

The main change is a complete revamp of the way races work. From the looks of it you will probably not yet notice many differences as the visuals have not been touched. Or almost.
What you probably will notice when you zoom in is that the cars behave VERY differently now. This is due to the fact that the AI now actually drives on the road instead of just being moved along it depending on their performance and handling data. Or, to put it another way, instead of moving along a straight line that only looks like it has curves, the cars are now driven "with the arrow keys" by the AI, which follows the actual road.
This eliminates many of the problems the old system had: The cars no longer just alternate between being left, middle or right - instead they can use the entire road. They also no longer appear to go faster on the inside of a curve, which had the same distance on the inside and the outside before. Now it actually takes the car longer on the outside of the curve to get through it, as the distance really is longer. (This looked a little awkward before)
Basically all the things you'd expect when a car drives are working far better now, without tricks for them to appear driving (which also reduces the source code length for the race simulation). And the new system has a lot of potential for improvements and expansions - even up to an actual driving simulation for v0.50, if the support for the game keeps growing.

This one was actually a player request: It is now possible to scale the game window to better fill larger screens. The resolution doesn't change so this will cause the image quality to go down but if you are sitting at a distance from the screen this might be helpful. If you enable the option you can rescale the window by grabbing it's border. The additional setting to keep the aspect ratio will prevent the image from being skewed.

Other changes
  • As I mentioned above there is a visual change to the races that works independently from the internal changes: Wheels are now turning and steering
  • The camera can now be moved in closer than before
  • Slightly reduced the random factor in engine and chassis resizes
  • Added an easter egg to the races. You will need to have shared a car on facebook in the current game session and press a specific key during the race to enable it.

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused the factory preparation to freeze when there where extremely high numbers of applicants
  • Fixed a bug that caused the amount of applications to show up as 0 when there too many
  • Fixed a bug that let worse image cause better sales on early cars with negative internal scores
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if a music file was missing
  • Fixed a bug that caused cars to not show up again when zooming in during later parts of races
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to always build HUGE engines when playing with imperial/US measurements
  • Fixed a bug that caused engines between the introduction years of the previous engine generations to have no upper horsepower limit
  • Very short trunks on gen 3 cars will no longer result in the car having a cut off end

The game should automatically offer the update. You can also download the latest version[]

Cars Incorporated is a classic tycoon game all about automotive engineering. Dream, build and sell your own cars and become an important part in the century-long history of the automobile!

Scroll down for a german description * Scrollen Sie nach unten für eine Beschreibung auf Deutsch

  • Design your very own vehicles with the integrated body-editor. By moving the drag points around you can create individual car shapes, determine it's properties and even set the type of car.
  • Build up to 30 different types of cars, ranging from Microcars all the way to full-size pickup trucks.
  • Improve your engines and chassis in order to gain an advantage over the competition. Build engines that are more powerful or focus on improving the handling on your chassis.
  • Research different kinds of components that you can add to your cars like pneumatic tires or integrated headlights
  • Compete for awards and prize money in the annual ingame awards and simulated races on 24 tracks and variants. Will your creation outperform the competition or spend most of it's time refueling at the pit-stop?
  • Compete with up to 3 friends in a hot seat game or 10 AI opponents. The future update v0.40 will add in network and internet support and even more AI players
  • Shape the automobile history from 1895 up to 1950 in the current version. Later updates will expand the gametime in several steps to 2020
  • Conquer the market on all six continents to become the greatest car manufacturer of all times!

Cars Incorporated is available for download as a trial and early access version on the homepage:

You can also join our discussions forums or give us feedback via the comments here, on Facebook or IndieDB:

Help us shape the future of this unique business simulation game!

German / Deutsch

Cars Incorporated ist ein klassisches Tycoon-Spiel in dem sich alles um das Auomobil dreht. Erträumen, bauen und verkaufen Sie Ihre eigenen Autos und werden Sie ein wichtiger Teil der über 100-jährigen Automobilgeschichte!

  • Entwerfen Sie Ihre ganz eigenen Fahrzeuge mit dem integrierten Karosserie-Editor. Durch das Bewegen der Dragpoints können Sie individuelle Fahrzeugformen erstellen, seine Eigenschaften festlegen und sogar bestimmen um was für eine Art von Auto es sich handelt
  • Bauen Sie bis zu 30 verschiedene Auto-Typen, die alles vom Kleinstwagen bis zum Großen Pickup abdecken
  • Verbessern Sie Ihre Motoren und Fahrwerke um einen Vorteil gegenüber Ihrer Konkurrenz zu bekommen. Bauen Sie Motoren die leistungsfähiger sind oder konzentrieren Sie sich auf die Fahreigenschaften Ihrer Fahrwerke
  • Erforschen Sie die verschiedenen Komponenten, die Sie Ihren Fahrzeugen hinzufügen können, wie pneumatische Reifen oder integrierte Scheinwerfer
  • Gewinnen Sie im Spiel Auszeichnungen und Prämien in den jährlichen Preisverleihungen und in simulierten Rennen auf 24 Strecken und Varianten. Wird Ihre Schöpfung die Konkurrenz alt aussehen lassen oder die meiste Zeit beim Tanken in der Boxengasse verbringen?
  • Messen Sie sich mit 10 Computergegnern oder bis zu 3 Freunden in einem Hot-Seat-Spiel. Das zukünftige Update 0.40 wird Netzwerk- und Internet-Unterstützung sowie weitere Computergegner mitbringen
  • Formen Sie die Geschichte des Automobils neu von 1895 bis 1950 in der aktuellen Version und bis ins Jahr 2020 im fertigen Spiel
  • Erobern Sie den Markt auf allen sechs Kontinenten und werden Sie der größte Automobil-Hersteller aller Zeiten!

Cars Incorporated kann als Trial und Early Access-Version auf der Homepage des Spiels heruntergeladen werden:

Sie können auch unserem Diskussionsforum beitreten oder uns Feedback über die Kommentare hier, auf Facebook oder IndieDB geben:

Helfen Sie uns die Zukunft dieser einzigartigen Wirtschaftssimulation zu formen!
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How to get the Latest Version since site is down?
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Bonjovi Oct 8 @ 12:35pm 
i love tyccon games ;) i waiting car incorporated ;) by the way please do not forget turkish language support
zacwalton Sep 24 @ 6:42pm 
Looks fun!
Merced  [author] Sep 20 @ 10:20am 
3. The speed of development and new updates depends entirely on the time I can spare to work on the game. There is almost no budget and since I have to work for a living as well I can only work on the game in my spare time and whatever time I can free up based on the amount of money the game generates. Remember that this is an Indie title. It is not being backed by any company or rich individual or anything like that.
4. You are right, I do have a tendency to write long and complicated sentences. I do try to explain in detail. Sorry if this is not what you expect.
5. I am well aware of the existing fanbase and I had some very good conversations with some of them, others have been very helpful and supportive. However the size of this fanbase is still very small and although the support I get from the fanbase generates a sale every now and then it does not yet solve problem no 3.
Merced  [author] Sep 20 @ 10:19am 
@oldeguy Sorry you feel that way, but of course you are entiteled to your oppinion. But let me address the issues you have:
1. The "problems" are due to a contribution that has been charged back and caused my PayPal account to get frozen. However international purchases are possible again with BMT Micro (also supports PayPal).
2. I don't disappear for weeks, I just don't have the time to answer each and every post all the time, otherwise I wouldn't have ANY time left for development. I do read all the posts though and usually get back to the topics when I work with the topic you have been talking about. Technical problems get a fast answer. Problems that prevent anyone from playing entirely are usually addressed with a Hotfix, most of the time within 1 or 2 days. But since the game is relatively stable despite the alpha status technical issues are not very common.

Saab Pimping77 Sep 19 @ 11:31am 
me want ME=smart!
oldeguy Sep 17 @ 5:03pm 
Due to "problems" the develper has, you can't buy the game outside of Europe. Watching his web page, he disappears for weeks at a time, and updates are slow in coming. Worse yet, it takes a thousand words for him to describe what could be done in one sentance, His fan base is here, but he doen't understand that. I changed my recommendation because a good game is garbage without good support.
(WP)_Neves768_(BR)_ Sep 9 @ 9:14pm 
How i can buy? The sell button of the site was disabled!
paganize Aug 26 @ 8:59pm 
What about us poor fools that live in the US? can you do something with paypal?
blood_roses75 Aug 26 @ 8:43pm 
k, just making sure. :)
Merced  [author] Aug 26 @ 4:05pm 
@mihugen I am currently experimenting with porting Cars Inc from DBP to Unity, which looks very promising. If I do take the now likely step to switch the engine for the next major release v0.40, a version for Mac actually becomes possible - however I will need a Mac first to be able to test this ;-) Linux, Android, iOS and even console would theoretically also be possible with Unity.
@paganize As long as the store page is down you can buy the game with a SEPA bank wire for 7,50 € if you live in the area that uses SEPA (most of Europe). You can send me a PN on the Facebook page for the bank details if you don't want to wait for the website to be relaunched.