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Ghost in the Machine
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 4 @ 1:18pm
Oct 29 @ 10:16pm

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Demo Game!
Ghost in the Machine is about the player's escape from a run-down factory following a large explosion. In the dark factory there are many dangerous machines that must be minded in order to not be crushed or mechanically separated. Inspired by 1980s platformer-genre games, Ghost in the Machine features true low-res graphics and an original chiptune soundtrack. It is also difficult, yet rewarding.

The game itself is very simple - you can walk left and right, and jump. Only one button! Avoid the traps, don't get wrecked, get to the end. The challenge comes from the level design, filled with puzzles and tricky hazards. Each level also has a secret collectible item that will reveal a shred of information about how the player got stuck in the factory in the first place, as well as unlock a secret or two. Ghost in the Machine supports the installation of extra level packs that players can get from the game website. A level editor will be available shortly so players can make and distribute their own level packs.

The controls are tight, giving the player direct movement control at all times. Jumps are precise, important for situations where timing is essential. Both keyboard and USB game pads are supported, and the game only needs a single button. This makes the game approachable, as very little is to be taught to a novice. After playing the game, anyone will get better at it.

Levels can be played in any order, more or less. As one map is completed, all adjacent worlds on the stage grid become available for play. This means that if one board is too difficult, you can pick another zone to work around the difficult one, saving it for later. This strongly increases the approachability, as you're never stuck on a single level, unable to progress. An arcade mode is present for playing the levels in order as well.

The graphics are all authentic old-school graphics, using only four shades at a time. A circular mask is at the edge of the screen, restricting the player's view to contribute to the dark atmosphere. The game is primarily monochrome, with a single color, giving it a kind of Virtual Boy feeling. The sound effects and music were all made with a Nintendo Famicom and Game Boy, so they are as real as it gets. The game engine was written from the ground up.

The development of this game was backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and we are excited to see it finally ready for release. Lots of time was spent tweaking and expanding the game to be sure we are releasing a high quality title that will provide plenty of play time. We look forward to further expansion of the game through official and community level packs.
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AAAAARRRRRROOOOONNNNN!!!!!! Nov 23 @ 9:28am 
saw it at the rochesters maker fair and it looked like a good recreation, definitley voting on
TheSilentHorker Nov 22 @ 5:42pm 
Played it at Rochester's Maker's Fair, very enjoyable and fun! I would definitely buy it!
BOLL Nov 18 @ 11:55am 
I remember seeing this played in the Rift, is that still supported? :D Voted yes anyway!
BoBaeza Nov 6 @ 3:30pm 
Looks yum!
I haven't really boarded the Indie Game Hype Train, but this one has definitely piqued my interest. Beautiful graphics, very nice sound effects (I love the level select and finish one) and music. I want to see this game on Steam very much! Got my vote! *ahem an earlier version of this comment mentioned wanting a demo when one had been released several months prior to said comment...GONNA PLAY IT!*
CReatures Sep 18 @ 6:15am 
instant buy! love the hero too!keep up guys :)
RazzChan Aug 31 @ 4:08pm 
I played this at Imagine RIT and it was so much fun!!
Psycho Hedgie Aug 27 @ 8:24am 
Voted, how much will this be?
Elk Aug 17 @ 2:30am 
Some of these sound effects and the music really reminds me of early SEGA games
Как же меня зае*али эти пиксельные игры!!!!