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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 4 @ 4:19am
Jul 11 @ 8:42pm

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UPDATES: April 10th
Release date: Late 2014

NOTE: This game is still in early development and there is still much to be done. More textures and altared graphics will and have been added and are yet to be revealed. Also any support, questions or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Also Do not judge a game on its engine. Yes it is an RPG Maker game, and yes a few of the textures are the same. but thats saying Temple run is the same as Dead trigger because they use the same engine.

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Live the life of Thatus as you explore Balilsarred, A land lost to war. Can one man make an empire, or can he bring it to its knees? Only you can decide. Whether it be romance or combat, this game is for you. Choose an alliance you believe in. The Ronian Empire, Strong and corrupt, but ever mighty. The Northern Barbarians, Brutal and Savage, fighting for liberty. The Knight in Blue's Rebellion, Forged by the people for a brighter future. The Southern vikings, Fierce and brave, All for the lust of gold. The choice is yours and so is your destiny, for better or worse.

Okay let me start by saying I'm not going to rely on an original storyline, like every other game out there. Yes, I know RPG maker games arent the flashiest and rarely get greenlit. What I am going to say is this game is heavily scripted (i mean 20+ scripts) which completely revolutionise the game.

3 Different Game modes!
Adventure Mode- Explore the land as you travel across the West coast of Balilsarred. Adventure deep into the sea or far into the mountains as you make your own path.

Battlefield Mode- Control your very own squad of up to 6 Soldiers as you venture into open conflict. Whether it be against knights or barbarians, you have the choice.

Story Mode- Get down amongst the people as you endeavour into the life of Thatus. Make everchanging decisions as you explore the close quarters of the landscape.

Your Choices Truly Matter
When I say TRULY I mean it. From the very start you will determine how your story plays out, who your friends are and who your enemies are. I know many claim for player freedom but this game truly gives you complete freedom of choice.

- Over 100 Different and vast locations
- 50+ side quests
- Hours of Ever changing gameplay
- Completely Customisable settings
- 4 different Alliances
- 6+ Different endings
- Over 100 different Weapons and armours

A Completely Interactive World
Whether it be stealing some bread or attacking a local patrol, the world is completely interactive. The game lets you explore every crack in the wall, every door, every letter, every person, the only thing it doesnt cover is boredom.
- You can Dig through Patches of dirt.
- You can Mine through Piles of Stone.
- You can Cut through Logs.
- Relive the Thatus and Butch's harsh past by interacting with Notes on Walls.
- Intimidate, Attack, Persuade or Bribe your enemies throughout the Game.
- Assassinate any who stand in your way with stealth, or direct assault.
- Lead your group or follow your dog, the choice is yours.
- Every weapon, armour, choice is yours to use.
- Your play on the war. Command Plattoons to go for direct assaults, or prepare ambushes.
- And many more features waiting to be discovered.


Possible Extras
NOTE: These are not a guarantee, but may be included.
- Complete Voice over
- Language Translation
- A Personal Hideout

Q:When will it be available?
A:Balilsarred will be available later in 2014, somewhere near june- July.

Q:Will It be Free-To-Play?
A: At Extremostudios we believe that entertainment should be free and accessable to all.

April 10th: - Completely new vegetation added. Now there are 15+ different kinds of trees.
- Completely new Statues added. Over 50 Different statues have been added.
- Wood Cutting and Mining added. Now you'll be able to cut through certain logs or stone to uncover hidden objects and
- Major City Fassin has been made. A giant City (200X200 steps every direction) has been made. Every building, alley and
tent is explorable. With over 70 different smaller maps linked to it, as well as over 50 Bonus quests.

If you have any other questions then feel free to leave a comment.
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Rainbow Factory Jul 26 @ 2:35pm 
Очередная игра из разряда рогаликов и GRPG...мне такие игры не симпотизируют....но дабы не обижать разрабочика я поставлю игре + но сказать сразу скажу...игра не понравится обширному количеству людей...только любителям...а так же звуковое сопровождение слегка надоедает...лучше слегка поменять жанр,или навешать туда ещё чего нибудь)
Extremo  [author] Jul 18 @ 2:19am 
hentayschik Jul 17 @ 9:42am 
Extremo  [author] Jul 11 @ 8:30pm 
@Stumpy82. Thank you for commenting. I can get what you mean when you say RPG Maker game, although this doesnt mean that its bad. People consider RPG maker games as bad overall, but this is just an engine. Would you ever say "i'd never play Crysis 2 because its made on the Cryengine?" Aslo the storyline actually is pretty original, I know every game says that. I havent icluded much in the description in it, because its similar to a choose your own adventure game, meaning the plot depends on your choices.

@ImRunningOutOfNames Its actually making a lot of progress. Its also got a fairly high amount of followers in my opinion. Also when you say easy to make, you can say that about any engine really, it all depends on the effort put in by the developers. I have actually heavily scripted it so it works a lot different, with inclusions such as mining, digging ect. and with every object being interactive. (And I mean every object from a piano to a sink to a rabbit, everything.)
vlad_ghost2002 Jul 10 @ 2:29am 
great nintendo game.
Stumpy82 Jul 9 @ 3:08pm 
An RPG without an original storyline most likely won't sell anything. I appreciate you've spent a lot of time in RPG Maker with this game, and it will probably be fun for a few fans, but it's not a realistic commercial offering.
Im Running out of names. Jul 9 @ 5:54am 
This seems like an OK game and it was probably really easy to make too. (If your wondering why i said "easy to make", this game was made in RPG maker.)
Code_Buddha Jul 6 @ 3:53pm 
Looks like a good game. I can't wait to try it
marduck666 Jul 1 @ 9:33pm 
it seams a lot like the final fantasy games, but with more to explore.
seems very fun
..::Daniel::.. Jun 16 @ 4:33am 
good game...