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Dead Years
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, French, Russian
Players: Single-player
Apr 4 @ 3:41pm
Apr 16 @ 3:21pm
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Demo Teaser!
We are BACK!
Release date: Mid-2015
Dead Years: Survive with your dog!

This is not just another zombie game. It's a rework of the genre where you have to work as a team with the only friend you have left, your dog!

Zombie Survival
-Thousands of enraged zombies. Bad news: They run!
-Wear armor at all time, don't go out there wearing a t-shirt.
-Scavenge and craft to improve your gear.

Dog companion
-Your best friend, always at your side.
-Knows how to fight zombies!
-Complete independant ability trees.

Character progression
-The player & dog level up as a team.
-Fifteen skills to improve like mechanics, first aid, scavenging.
-Gain ability points & spend them according to your playstyle.

Post-apocalyptic land
-Hundreds of locations in a vast zombie infested open world.
-Walk on abandoned highways, explore cities and desolate wastelands.
-Six months after the outbreak, this is a world like you've never seen before.

Immersive storyline
-Captivating elaborate story that will keep you hooked!
-Complete freedom to quest and to explore at your own pace.
-Hundreds of side quests with amazing rewards.

Scavenge & Craft
-Scavenge for food, water, ammunition and crafting materials!
-Make your own armor, weapons & tools to survive.
-Learn mechanics, tailoring, cooking & more to help you survive.
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Nov 17 @ 5:16pm
What do you expect of the dog? What would make it not YAZG?
Oct 7 @ 12:43pm
3D / Isometric
Sep 30 @ 3:16pm
The game
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Sigurd 19 hours ago 
very good
RayWolf7 Dec 27 @ 4:40pm 
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the new videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG... I want this game... The cell shading is...... wow!! :S I really love this work... The personalization, skills, the dog, ambient, searching stuff, surviving... I don´t wait :P Merry Cristmas :D
☣☢☜Sina☞☢☣ Dec 27 @ 5:30am 
ok thanks
Dead Years  [author] Dec 27 @ 1:22am 
Hey [MOF]DemonicMarine! Happy to see you man! Yes we kind of have bad habit of not updating you guys often enough, I totally agree with that! New year resolution, I come more often on steam! lol

But yes, we were so happy to finally be able to upload some gameplay vids! And absolutely, we'll upload combat videos soon! Cheers! :)
Dead Years  [author] Dec 27 @ 1:09am 
☣☢☜Sina☞☢☣: Yeah we made a pretty bad release date estimate lol. Changed the date to something in the future and more realistic :P
[MOF]DemonicMarine Dec 26 @ 9:28pm 
dead years (author) thank you thank you finaly some gamplay video my mind is at ease worried you guys were vanishing again you have a tendency to do that come out of the dark with new stuff but then go back into the dark for quite awhile nice to see its coming out fine keep up the goodwork mabey post a combat video next time would love to see that
☣☢☜Sina☞☢☣ Dec 23 @ 6:11am 
Veröffentlichungsdatum: October 2014 ? ><
Dead Years  [author] Dec 22 @ 2:21pm 
Hey friends, new short gameplay video uploaded!

Shows a bit of exploration around the starting point and an indoor scene. Could it be the shelter that you will be able to upgrade in the demo!

Cheers! :)
Dead Years  [author] Dec 22 @ 2:18pm 
Evildarkzombies! Oh yes we'll make sure to take some time off, here and there :)
But we like so much working on the game.. can't stop for too long lol

Also quick update since I know you like the dog so much! The second equipment slot is almost ready, with different dog collars! So hopefully for the demo you guys will be able to equip the dog with different backpacks + collars! Cheers!
Evildarkzombies Dec 19 @ 10:44pm 
Yay! im so glad you guys are back! I love the video, and thanks for correcting my grammar! But you should take some time off at Christmas. Everyone deserves to be with their friends and family on Christmas. But great video! I love the development of this game, and i cant wait for tomorrow`s video!