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Deity Quest
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Apr 3 @ 11:36am
Jun 2 @ 5:50pm

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Deity Quest v1.1.5 is released!
Deity Quest v1.1.4 Released!
Release date: May, 2014
Deity Quest is a light-hearted, pokemon-inspired RPG where you play as an ambitious young god, recently assigned to a world - Aberos - to convert followers and gain power. Your goal is to become the Overgod, the highest position among the many gods of Aberos. Develop your divine magic, support your followers in fast-paced 6 vs. 6 battles, adventure through locations, and compete with other deities in your quest to reach the top!

  • Convert Followers
    Discover 128 unique follower types throughout the land of Aberos, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and skills.
  • Develop as a Deity
    Gain powerful magic unique to your alignment to support your followers and smite your enemies.
  • Explore Aberos
    Travel through locations and quests, finding items and secrets, solving puzzles, gaining experience and discovering new followers.
  • Fight 6 vs. 6 Battles
    Use strategy to manage and support your followers as they fight, and get the most out of their individual skills.
  • Become the Overgod
    Race your rival, battle other deities and solve a murder mystery as you strive to become the Overgod of Aberos!

You can visit our website here:

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Jun 6 @ 11:05am
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Pardinuz Nov 23 @ 5:59pm 
@Mizrach: It has already been bundled. Get your facts straight before you start pretending to be a marketing expert.
Mizrach Nov 21 @ 7:45am 
The best way to get noticed is by putting your game in bundles. That = thousands of votes.
sad thing guys, I hope you'll recover well 'cause i'm looking forward to it to be greenlitted :D
I played it on android and be sure its fun :D
any luck yet? i played the demo and i'm really looking forward to this on steam.
Fancy Fish Games  [author] Sep 20 @ 3:32pm 
We are currently 46% of the way to the top 100, but unfortunately we've hit quite a lull lately (mainly because it has been months and people are losing interest). It could be a long time until we get greenlit if we don't have something new to attract more voters, but spreading the word will help. Also, if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know!
AkumulatoR Sep 20 @ 5:48am 
So... What's the progress on getting greenlit? Bought it months ago and still waiting for steam release.
jaredmoreno Aug 14 @ 1:35pm 
yes, looks fun
gabrielssj4 Jul 28 @ 5:22pm 
wutoupal Jul 27 @ 5:02am 
Pardinuz Jul 19 @ 6:53pm 
"boring.. sorry" - some random guy with only 2 games on his account: CS:GO and TF2.
Sounds legit.