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Kendo Crush! Visual Novel Game
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 2 @ 11:06am
Apr 29 @ 11:18am
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We've been Greenlit!
Release date: Mid 2015
Kendo Crush! is a sports themed, slice of life visual novel with elements of dating-sim. With an incredible amount of choices available, the player can truly mold the storyline and interact with characters in a much more personalized way.

After moving from America to the care of his uncle in Japan, the protagonist and his sister find themselves in the calm countryside town of Isokaze. His new quiet student life is short lived as he quickly finds himself brawling with his school's biggest bully. With his freshly labeled delinquent status, the school's mandatory policy of joining a club quickly becomes an impossible task. All groups are "not accepting new members". All groups, that is... except one.

Key Features:
- Fully Voice Acted
- Original Soundtrack
- HD Artwork (1920x1080)
- Fluid Gameplay
- Dynamic Relationships with Impactful Choices
- Variety of Endings
- Abundance of fanservice, of course. We are shameless...

Play the demo:


Thank you for taking a look!
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G. Cody [JSOTF3] Aug 18 @ 8:28am 
i for one will still be buying this game cuz i have yolo $waG
G. Cody [JSOTF3] Aug 18 @ 8:25am 
whach the live steam on there site dont bash them till you have all the Info if you did you would atleast understand why they are changing to sci-fi "setting" the story is the same
Boop Aug 18 @ 7:28am 
I do assume that you'll keep the crappy Internet jokes? Right? Please?
PixelFade Studio  [author] Aug 18 @ 7:24am 
Due to the circumstances that arose recently, we are currently in a transition period at this time. The core concepts of the project will remain intact (slice of life / comedy / plethora of choices along with all the key features mentioned above). We are considering changing some aspects of the game that will overall benefit the project in the long run. :)
ceissadesiste Aug 18 @ 1:53am 
Updates here would be nice PixelFade Studio! Just went to your forums and seen that this game is totally being re-vamped into a sci-fi. This is not what we voted for to get you greenlit and I for one am totally disappointed that you couldn't update here. Definitely will not be buying this anymore!
Boop Aug 17 @ 8:51am 
The poor feelings for anyone who checks this. No longer Kendo Crush. ._. It's now a Sci-Fi thing that no one has any idea what's happening with. Proof is on the forums/future streams.
RedtheVaultHunter Aug 15 @ 9:35am 
[DxM] - EviLlRdNiKoN Aug 9 @ 10:08pm 
hahaha SELFIE! hashtag yolo swaG!!!!
alphadragon Aug 9 @ 6:16pm 
semms pretty great finally another VN for meh to play
☃3┌ (´・ω・`) ツ Aug 9 @ 1:08pm 
The idea doesn't interest me too much, but the fact that it's in English makes me really want to try it.