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Genre: Casual, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 1 @ 9:55am
Apr 6 @ 9:29am

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NotGTAV featured on Lionheartx10
Release date: April 4th 2014
"It is, essentially, Snake on LSD" - Primordial Porridge.

"a really fun look" - Rock Paper Shotgun.

"Absolutely Brilliant" - FragRadio

This game is definitely NOT Grand Theft Auto 5. In this game, which is called NotGTAV, the "GTA" stands for "Great Traffic Adventure", and the "V" is silent, like the one in "injunction" (which, you'll notice, is also invisible).

NotGTAV is a parody set in glorious Britain, particularly the area of outstanding natural beauty known as the M4 corridor.

All the game's creaters met through Youth Arts Charity Peer Productions and, in an attempt to save the charity which transformed all of their lives, they are giving them 100% of the profits.

Please help us to get our game Greenlit by voting for us. Every vote helps. Every penny makes a difference.

Three Playable Characters to swap between: Daffydd, a welsh farmer turned caravan park owner; Darren, a wanna-be gansta who hangs out in LIDL Car Park; and David, a British Prime-Minister of diminishing credibility.
Playable Heists, which can be approached with Stealthy or Brutal Tactics.
Proven addictive mechanic.
Hand drawn graphics.
All sounds and music made with only the human voice.
Keyboard or Mouse Controls - although, if we're honest, it's better with the keyboard. You should stick to that. Save yourself a whiole lot of swearing. Mouse Controls are for tablet kiddies anyway. Not proper PC Gamers like you.
Four Difficulty Settings: Wii, Hardcore, Twitch, and Dark Souls.

"Repeatedly smash David Cameron into a wall... the most satisfying game mechanic ever created" - PCGamerN

"the sound is pretty much near perfect" - SnowysGaming

"takes the p*ss out of gaming in a really cool way" - Dream Assembly

So, in summary then: It's £2, you'll have a good laugh, and you'll be helping to save a charity! What are you waiting for? Vote for us on this page, and, if you can't wait the months it might take us to get the thousands of votes we need, or you want to know more about us and download our free stuff, just go to and you can buy it directly from us, DRM free, from April 4th. That way, Valve don't get a cut of the profits, and even more money can go to save Peer Productions.

Greedy for a Good Cause.
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Aug 7 @ 9:12am
< >
kлutэp ( Sep 6 @ 4:31pm 
gta5 купилбы и в онлайн ееее и батлфилд бы сюда все
AdmiralSpoon Aug 25 @ 8:08am 
Best snake Game ever. Had a lot of fun playing it, and i still enjoy your drawing of a spoon.
Sreg Aug 23 @ 10:16pm 
You made a clone of snake, and then insulted Rockstar Games.
Yeah, don't think a lot of people will be voting this one up.
Godo Aug 20 @ 3:54pm 
this is not funny. voted NO
DuKY Aug 18 @ 4:17pm 
not games gta 5 what the hell i vote no
Colenzo Aug 18 @ 1:52am 
I voted NOt, with NO smile.
Brony12315 Aug 15 @ 2:10am 
cute ba! Aug 2 @ 5:26am 
cute ba! Aug 2 @ 5:25am 
what is this game xD!?thats not gta xD
Youth Worship Explosion Jul 26 @ 9:50pm 
This looks like a purposely crappy game that had a lot of effort put into it.