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Kiryuuin Satsuki's Honnouji Academy Civilization [BNW]
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Mar 31 @ 9:41pm
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Note: This is an alpha release. Bugs are likely to be plentiful; please let me know if you find any! There are also some more features planned for later versions, such as a wider variety of Goku Uniform promotion options and possibly a UU based on Satsuki herself!

Adds a civilization based on Honnouji Academy from the anime Kill la Kill, led by the fearsome Lady Kiryuuin Satsuki! This Civilization is focused almost entirely on military domination; it receives a small production penalty to military units, but makes up for it via powerful Goku Uniform promotions, a cheap Armory replacement that requires no Barracks, and bonus XP from Universities and Public Schools.

UA: Fear is Freedom
-10% production for military units. Units gain access to the Goku Uniform promotion tree, which consumes Life Fiber strategic resources in return for large combat bonuses. +15 unit XP from Universities and Public Schools. (Note: Life Fiber totals and Goku Uniform availability are recalculated only at the beginning of each turn; if you want to make sure no XP is wasted, I highly recommend playing with Promotion Saving switched on in Advanced Setup.)

UB: Honnouji Sewing Club (replaces Armory)
Cheaper than Armory and does not require a Barracks, allowing it to be more easily built in newly settled (or conquered) cities. Provides 2 Life Fiber Strategic Resources in addition to the normal XP bonus.

UB: Advanced Sewing Club (replaces Military Academy)
Slightly more expensive than Military Academy. Provides normal XP bonus plus 4 Life Fiber Strategic Resources.

Special thanks to Kyte, Vice Virtuoso, the whole #sbcreativewriting gang, and of course Aniplex and Studio Trigger, without any of whom this project could never have happened. May you all never lose your way!
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HardWorker Sep 10 @ 10:33pm 
ingotron Jul 30 @ 5:46am 
Love this mod! Particularly that it feels fairly balanced, IMHO. I'll second Mr.WarCrimes and xocify, would love to see what you could do with the other factions!
xocify Jul 26 @ 8:00pm 
I agree with what Mr.WarCrimes is saying, i would like for you to expand the kil la kill idea if u could plz.
Frost Hammer Jul 13 @ 5:39pm 
This is one of the coolest mods I've found!
Mr.WarCrimes Jul 12 @ 9:28pm 
I love the mod; however, I kinda want to know if you'd make a civ for the Nudist Beach Rebel Forces, Takaweda Conglomerate, Kyruuin Conglomerate, Life Fibers or any other Kill la Kill sub-factions. I think it'd be nice to see an expanded lore. Also wanted to know if you could do something on Tenga Toppen Gurren Lagann, since its kinda like my other favorite anime and the members of Trigger came mostly from the TTGL Gainex team...
The Peach Mango Jul 12 @ 10:11am 
And this is why I love the workshop...
KettouRyuujin Jul 6 @ 1:54pm 
This looks interesting... I'll keep an eye on it, and will more than likely get it when it's out of alpha - if not earlier.
CrazedWalrus Jun 30 @ 5:43pm 
Will this ever be G&K compatible?
King Grimlock Jun 27 @ 5:25pm 
@G.O.R.E. OPP (ounces per punch) They're used for special combat upgrades that only Satsuki's units can get. They need to level up first, like for every other upgrade.
out of curiosity, what do the life fibers do? ive gotten to the point where i have six, but i dont see how i implement them?