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The Buccaneers
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The Buccaneers

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A name that struck fear into all within the Caribbean, the Buccaneers were the most feared pirates of the age of sail, plundering ports of friend and foe alike. They sought only bounty and glory, and frequently became the enemy of those who sought to use their services not a month prior. The legend surrounding these pirates who sailed the caribbean only grew in status, elevating some to mythic status - the likes of Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, Jack Sparrow and Henry Morgan. Ruins around the caribbean today are testiment to the ferocity of their attacks.

In order to have the Buccaneers, you must have the Brave New World expansion, as this utelises mechanics from it
The Buccaneers

Letter of Marque
Naval units can enter enemy territory without open borders, but may turn hostile if they end their turn on a tile owned by an enemy. Receive extra Gold for each trade route pillaged, city captured or unit killed

Privateer replacement, unique to the Buccaneers. Receives a temporary combat boost after raiding a trade route, and has an additional bonus against naval units, unlike the privateer which it replaces.

Rum Distillery
If built on a Sugar resource, converts it to a source of Rum. After 40 turns of being worked, the Distillery upgrades to a Vintage Distillery, which provides additional yields.

Pouakai - XML, text
Sukritact - Rum icon and Lua
Janboruta - All other art
Leugi - Models
JFD - XML, Lua, troubleshooting, text
Reedstilt - Civ and Leader civilopedias
Viregel - Rum civilopedia
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giladiator Jun 14 @ 1:22pm 
This mod works great but the only problem is that its civ colours are black and white, the same colours for city states on the mini map. What XML file would I have to change to customise the colours for this civ?
stephen.a.hoffmaster May 27 @ 10:48pm 
I agree with d-bales i think there should be units made to match the pirate model
Xakire May 16 @ 4:10am 
Capital should be Nassau
Cave Johnson May 5 @ 7:24pm 
Swiggity Swagota, they're coming for that Bogota!

If you get that reference, great! If not, begin here: http://imgur.com/a/MpTQS#0
d-bales Apr 30 @ 6:05pm 
Hello great mod !! & i love it !!! buuuut where are the pirate & marauders units !! Replace rifle men & lancers & knights with pirate & marauders units please !!i will love you for this !!!
Baron Von Hineysniffer Apr 28 @ 6:02am 
Hi, thanks for building this mod. My sons and I love it. But I think we've discovered a bug. When I have the mod enabled but play other Civs, they still receive the trade route plunder bonus! At the very least, the message is disaplayed. I'm playing as the Sami now and it said I got the bonus 100 gold for plundering an Austrian trade route. Thanks!
scotty9090 Apr 27 @ 12:31pm 
Have you cosidered releasing the Rum Distillery as a standalone mod?
Apr 9 @ 8:15pm 
The distilly, for some reason, totally freaks out like it's having a seizure
v☾ntage Apr 9 @ 7:59pm 
the distillery tile improvement looks amazing
Walker Mar 14 @ 6:13pm 
opening this civ in iGE causes CTD. Did it 5 times, same result.