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Blob From Space
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Mar 30 @ 7:41am
Aug 31 @ 3:02am

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Price reduction!
Blob From Space release tomorrow!
Release date: September 1st
Blob From Space
is a 2d side scroller game.
A blob crashed down from outer space. Shorty after the crash the king of the foreign planet takes the purple blob from the wreck. Not knowing there was another Blob on that same ship. After a while the green blob wakes up and has to save the other blob. These blobs come in peace so there will be no killing. He will use his clone powers to transform into the enemy.

Back to retro gaming
With this game I will try to take you back to the basics of gaming. That doesn't mean there won't be any features from this generation in the game. The game does have a day/night cycle. Some rooms can only be entered during a certain time of the day. It will have cheats to skip through levels. You will have 3 continues to make the game more challenging. How many levels will you survive?

Start the rage!
A few people have tested the game and 1 thing is with everyone the same.
This game makes alot of people rage. Are you ready?

  • Singleplayer
  • Local split-screen
  • Free updates monthly (Adding new maps and maybe YOLO Modes)
  • Challeging YOLO modes (When greenlight we will add leaderboards (Best each month will win something))
  • Old school style, easy to learn gameplay
  • Controller support
  • Day/night cycle
  • Steam achievements
  • HATS!

Why should we support you?
  • The game is made by 2 people with no budget! (To let people see you can make an enjoying game with nothing)
  • The game contains over 50 levels (and adding new levels with every FREE update)
  • Free updates every month!
  • Listening to the players for new features so we can give you the best experience.
  • Easy to learn but hard enough to challenge gameplay.

We need your help to make this game awesome!
At this moment the game is in early access, main reason for this is I want to make a very good game and can't do this all by myself. At this moment i'm the only one that writes code for the game, that's fine, but I could really use someone help with graphics and music. Also for the Steam community I was wondering if you know some nice features or other ideas to add in the game. When I use your idea I will add you in the credits of the game. Just leave a message on my profile if you want to contact me.

When greenlight we will try to make this game free!

Future plans
I am planning to make a Linux (SteamOS) (When the game is done) and Android (OUYA) version in the future.
At this moment the budget of the game is very low, but it's a goal for the future.

Already bought on Desura?
Everyone that bought the game on Desura will get their name in the credits as a true supporter!
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