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Monstrous Megapack
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Mar 30, 2014 @ 1:24am
Jul 20, 2014 @ 1:31pm
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Monstrous Megapack

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Monsters, items and lairs, oh my! v.1.2.2 (6 new species of monsters, 7 optional mini-bosses, 120+ new items, and 120+ new rooms.)
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Feb 18 @ 6:19am
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Blue Hinter
Apr 10, 2014 @ 8:52pm
15 Clues for exploring the Monstrous Megapack (please keep spoiler free)
Blue Hinter
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Blue Hinter  [author] May 18 @ 8:34pm 
Because I did *have* a much longer description when I first uploaded the mod and had it cut by the moderators, or some auto-character limit thing. As of this moment, I've named it "Monsters, items and lairs, oh my! v.1.2.2 (6 new species of monsters, 7 optional mini-bosses, 120+ new items, and 120+ new rooms.)" We'll see if it sticks.

If not, Monsters (indicating that there are monsters), Items (indicating there are items), and Lairs (indicating that there are new rooms) is still a fairly descriptive title. If not having detailed numeric information in there somehow prevents you from playing this totally free mod that I created... er... sucks to be you, I guess.
Sergeant Sativa May 18 @ 12:11am 
So, Blue Hinter, why couldn't you have put that simple synopsis into the description?
Voron Agrrav May 1 @ 9:20am 
Blue Hinter, It would be best if you would use the Description to actually Describe things,
[MNI] pogrinc Feb 18 @ 12:20pm 
Thank you
Blue Hinter  [author] Feb 16 @ 3:24pm 
Those descriptions only have a limited number of characters. If you want specifics, go to the mod page on https://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/monstrous-megapack-monsters-items-rooms-1-2-2-released.5896/ but as it says in the first slideshow image, you get 6 new species of monster, 7 optional mini-bosses (not guaranteed to show up every game because rooms are random), 120+ new items, and 120+ new rooms. The rooms incorporate several new features including sinks, ambush sites, monster barracks, stench gardens, bank vaults, the Hall of Monty, shock mazes, and more.
[MNI] pogrinc Feb 16 @ 3:11pm 
Can you tell me what is actually added? Because Monsters, items and lairs, oh my! v.1.2.2 tells me next to nothing.
Cereal Killer Feb 13 @ 4:12am 
Did the poke-ball are included in your mod ? Because i used one on a batty (lvl1) and the game crash, direct to desktop.
Blue Hinter  [author] Feb 11 @ 7:51pm 
Also, all of the really special rooms are unique, means that they only have a chance to appear once on one specific level. For example, the Idol room will *only* appear on level 0, so if it isn't generated when that first floor's map gets drawn, you won't see it anywhere else during that play-through.
If you aren't sure if the mod is loading correctly, keep an eye out for the new monsters. They should be common enough that they'll be easy to spot. If you see them, then the mod is definitely running, you may just have to play for 3 or 4 levels until you encounter your first Bank/Wizard Pub/Shock Maze/Miniboss room.
Blue Hinter  [author] Feb 11 @ 7:49pm 
Unfortunately, since room creation is 100% random, there is no way to guarantee special rooms will show up on any given level. I wish there was. I created 120+ new rooms for this mod, so as you play through the game, you should encounter at least *something* new per level, though your chances of seeing *everything* is nearly impossible. Some of the new dungeon features like bathrooms, wizard galleries, and the Hall of Monty are designed to have a different variants for every level, meaning that by the time you get to the last level, you should have encountered at least a few of them, through sheer random chance alone.
The Entire Soviet Union Feb 11 @ 1:03pm 
Hey there Blue,

I'm having an issue using this mod, just wanted to test things out and I'm never getting the Pac Man room or the golden idol or the computer room (levels 0, 1, 2) which I'm wondering if any of the special rooms are generating... the only mods I have installed are this one, more Dred, heraldic, and craft n smelt. I believe the only room-making one I have installed is yours. Any hints of how to make it work?