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The Ditty of Carmeana
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 6 @ 3:13pm

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Release date: Playable demo already released
A comic parody of action-adventures. If you're looking for a game where you blow up a lot of stuff, this is not your game. But, if you're looking for hilarous razor-sharp satire on the themes of video games in our society, this is also not your game. If you are looking for a zany spoof in the style of Monty Python and Mel Brooks, this is your game.

The beautiful, redheaded, and obnoxiously thin Princess Carmeana has been kidnapped and held ransom. The King, not wanting to incur the expense of deploying the army, decides to recruit a "fairy boy" to Rescue the Princess™. Meanwhile, there lived a poor farm boy named Kai (pronounced "Lance"). One day as he was trudging back to town, he encountered a fairy named Tabitha and saved her from financial ruin. Tabitha decided to tag along with Kai for awhile (it was the least she could do). As luck (or Destiny, depending on whether you believe Tabitha or Kai) would have it, they soon encountered an army recruiter who was looking for a "fairy boy". Kai's Glorious Quest™ to save the hot rich skinny redhead had begun.

Gameplay is third-person 3D, and can use either a gamepad or keyboard/mouse.

A playable demo for Windows is available here:

Someone did a playthrough of the demo and posted it to Youtube. I was quite honored. (Warning: it'll spoil some of the jokes.)

The game is a comedy, and makes fun of all the silly, unrealistic (for real life) cliches you see in video games. I don't want to give away too many jokes, but here's a couple just to give you an idea.

  • Kai can carry literally tons of items around easily, but can't carry more than ten coins until he gets a larger money bag
  • Barrels always explode when you shoot them, even when filled with water (no barrels in the demo, though)
  • Some characters can be bribed to let you into areas you're not supposed to be at this stage of the game
  • Tabitha, Kai's fairy, has some annoying habits inherited from the well-known fairy she is a parody of

I, Carl Banks, began The Ditty of Carmeana as a hobby seven years ago and I finally have a playable demo of the first level (Kai's home town). The game and toolchain is written in Python using a custom game engine. A few performance-critical sections are written in C (that's plain C, not C++). Artwork was done in Blender, and I did most of it myself. Unfortunately I'm a better coder than an artist. The only help I had with the artwork was the characters, which I commissioned because they were beyond my skill.

If the game is selected for Steam, I plan to add voiceover, improve the artwork (especially the animation), add add some more areas (perhaps including Bowtudgel City, the capital; Brobensy, a university town; and the first "temple"). And maybe, just maybe, I'll even add some enemies.
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Natster38 Sep 30 @ 5:17pm 
this game looks AWESOME, i loved playing ocarina of time, also don't hate, if you made a game by yourself then wouldn't you want people to love it, anyway hardcore fan right here keep up voting this people!
Nyet Diem Sep 25 @ 6:47pm 
...... I think you are very ambitious, but I just don't have the faith in game developers. Gonna have to see something better. The idea looks wonderful, however I can't vote up or down at this point.
Clown Goon #1 Sep 1 @ 10:10pm 
Why would anyone vote this up?
Gnien.Foxpile™ Jul 13 @ 8:10pm 
Hahah, I was about to downvote this, but the trailer made me laugh out loud, and the face of uncle stoopnixie. Now I want this.
TRWX Jul 7 @ 10:03pm 
Wow Miyamoto would be jealous. This is very good looking for a Sega 32X game!
Lewis7206 Jul 7 @ 1:35am 
All the characters look like the happy mask salesman .__.
JellyJoyDolphins May 8 @ 1:52am 
Nice photoshop c:
JellyJoyDolphins May 8 @ 1:51am 
5ilvara May 6 @ 3:03pm 
Well, in that case, the last thing between me and the game is the question of the price.
Beside of that, and if the feedback is useful to you, then I think I may enjoy playing The Ditty of Carmeana. Anyway you have my vote.

A last couple points I forgot to mention in my first review :
On the screenshots, the emptiness of the rooms is rather depressing.
Plus, the characters look too rigid and it gives the impression that their animation will be the same...
aerojockey  [author] May 3 @ 6:15pm 
5ilvara: Thanks for the constructive feedback, especially w.r.t. the screenshots and video. To answer your question: Yes, there are real gameplay elements, and yes, in many cases the humor is interactive and happens while playing. It's not just during cut scenes. Most of the best humor is visual IMO but I did try to make some verbal (text) jokes as well.