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Outpost: Save Yourselves
Genre: Action, Strategy, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 15 @ 3:20pm
Apr 28 @ 8:27am

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Upcoming Content Update for Outpost: Save Yourselves!
Outpost: Save Yourselves - Now available!
Release date: July 2014
The Game

Stranded on a frozen Mining Outpost, you and your crew must fight and build to survive.

Earthquakes, freezing storms and the local wildlife are bad enough, but something killed the last occupants of this base, and it'll be back..

Will you save the day? Or save yourself?

The Outpost is a hybrid RTS, successfully combining elements of Real Time Strategy, Random Roguelike events and Chaos Management, where players never play through the game quite the same way twice.

Dozens of abilities and upgrades
As you play you earn and purchase (from the noble indiginous people) new abilities and upgrades, such as barricades, fire suppression systems, body armour and upgraded weapons for your Commander and your men.

Random Events
You will need to make decisions on the fly that will affect the outcome of your game, will you give half of your dwindling food to the starving Inuit? Or save it for yourself?

Day/Night Cycle and Weather effects
Your Outpost is harsh place, regularly blasted by Lightning, blizzards and avalanches. It doesn't get any better at night.

Power Management and upgrade system
Your base is a player in it's own right, you need to upgrade it, keep it will supplied and repaired. And in return it keeps you warm and safe. In theory at least..

Key Features
  • Organize. Manage your Power, Heat, Food and Medicine to keep your team alive.

  • Lead. Each team member gains skills over time making them more valuable, and more damaging to lose.

  • Day/Night cycle and weather effects. Survive Earthquakes, Fire, Lightning and Freezing Storms.

  • Survival of the fittest. Players need food and medicine to survive.

  • Use your abilities to survive! But be careful, supplies are limited and if the power goes out, something else would like to get in...
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Jun 18 @ 4:19pm
great game <3
May 29 @ 5:59pm
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harald.kertner 2 hours ago 
Yes and bought on indieroyale
iBoba Fett 3 hours ago 
Voted! Anything that's based on The Thing is worth a purchase from me.
Moodbug 3 hours ago 
good luck
russonc 5 hours ago 
got my upvote
Bonder 11 hours ago 
hot damn this game looks good
highlandcoo  [author] 18 hours ago 
@Jaya - Yes absolutely.
Yes please! +1
Jaya 21 hours ago 
Will people purchasing through Indie Royale get Steam keys if greenlit?
kin 21 hours ago 
Rimworld copy.
danalyze 22 hours ago 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through IndieRoyale's The Debut 17 Bundle.Best wishes!