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Genre: Platformer
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 26 @ 2:03pm

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Impulse is a first-person 3D platforming game. The game is influenced by rocket jumping maps, but brings a completely unique experience with new and funner mechanics.

The player is capable of “Pulse Jumping”, also called “Pulsing”, a technique that propels the player to greater heights and distances. The player uses pulse jumping to jump between induction pads and reach the end of the course. The gameplay is very fast-paced. The courses, varying in difficulty, will test the player’s reaction time and dexterity. A course is completed when the player reaches the end, with the ultimate goal of completing all the courses. The courses do not need to be played in any particular order.

Does the trailer show the extent of the game?

No. In terms of course design, the trailer, created from the alpha version, only has the most basic of challenges, to highlight the core mechanics of Impulse. The full version will explore many new concepts that will offer more interesting challenges, like the sliding pads seen in the gameplay trailer. The possibilities are endless, and I get excited thinking of them.


There are plans for a demo of the alpha version to be made available very soon.

How much will Impulse cost?


What is pulsing?

There is no premise behind pulse jumping: pulsing is simply a game mechanic that exists solely for completing the courses.

How many courses will the full version have?

At least 30, likely more. There are many new gameplay mechanics to be experimented with -- gameplay mechanics that will create lots of levels.

To follow the development and get access to new media as it's released, visit
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