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Heroes in the Fast Lane
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Mar 24 @ 2:54am
Mar 24 @ 11:27pm

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Release date: Q3 2014
Heroes in the Fast Lane

Heroes in the Fast Lane is a unique turn-based medieval fantasy life simulation time management strategy board game. It is a tribute to the PC classic Jones in the Fast Lane, but abandons the modern setting in favor of a magnificent fantasy world of swords, magic and adventure. Plan your every move, spend your time wisely, and grow your character from a lowly peasant nobody to eventually become the chosen hero of the kingdom who marries the princess in the end!

  • Play against your friends and defeat them for fame and glory, both local and online.
  • Multiple routes to victory, choose your own path to success.
  • Huge amount of purchasables, including rare and legendary items, and a dynamic economy.
  • Unique “Oh, what a weekend!”-moments that may (or may not!) have a serious impact on the game.
  • Customize your character's look and appearance.

The Developer

Inconspicuous Creations is a small, independent games studio based in Norway. Our goal is to create casual games for hardcore gamers, by providing the player with relevant information in an intuitive manner and the ability to make impactful decisions with a simple interface, while still having highly complex gameplay mechanics. We design for niche markets, but also focus on creating a polished user experience that everyone can enjoy. In the end, we believe games are a total waste of time, but that wasting time is really quite okay – As long as you’re having a good time!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter if you're interested to get the latest updates!
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Jul 8 @ 10:00am
Apr 8 @ 5:57am
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BananaMixer Oct 19 @ 6:21am 
very good
RooxBR Sep 23 @ 7:50am 
Eu curto jogos nesse estilo :)
Yu  [author] Aug 19 @ 5:19am 
Still working on it! Now supports alternative rulesets (mods, basically), localization and a bunch of other stuff behind the scenes. Announcements should be incoming (soonish)!
ychabodkrane Aug 15 @ 10:53pm 
Im a fan of table top games, and with this game, mixed with rpg elements and "elements of life simulation" this seems like something to look forward to.... hope it will be released
flesk Jul 8 @ 10:09am 
I'll reserve my vote for a potential commitment to Linux support.
psymin Jun 17 @ 1:02pm 
Upvoted for the hint at potential SteamOS/Linux support :)
zatch Jun 5 @ 11:21am 
Is it just one screen the whole game? This might belong on Facebook rather than Steam
paralleltwin May 30 @ 7:04pm 
Dislike the graphic style...
Bebopcola2021 [Fug-III] May 29 @ 10:05pm 
I'm a bit disturbed by the hero's lack of pants...
This looks like an fun spin on that ol' game.