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Red Dragon Maps
By Silver
34 maps are avaliable.

  • Added Gjoll (10v10)
  • Fixed Tough Jungle incorrect miniature.
  • Added v.210's maps: Plunjing Valley, Tough Jungle, Out of the blue (naval), Standoff in Barents (naval), Gunboat Diplomacy, Strait to the point (small), Gunboat Diplomacy (mixed), Strait to the point, Waterworld (naval)
  • Fast Loading Pics (10x faster!).
    Now, for HD, use "Click here for HD (1920*1080)" link, instead of clicking on the thumb itself as previously. Display of those HD version is also faster than before.
  • Added v.95's maps: Bulldogs and Vampires (naval only), Smoke in the Water (mixed), Cold War Z
  • Added v.92's maps: Atoll Inbound (naval only), Another D-Day (ground), Wonsan Harbour (mixed), Wonsan Harbour (ground)
  • Added v.74's maps: Alea Jacta West (Naval only), Another D-Day in Paradise, Strait to the Point (mixed)
  • Updated A Maze in Japan, Tropic Thunder, Hop and Glory, Bloody Ridge, 38th Parallel, Jungle LAW
  • Added v.61's maps: Paddy Field, Nuclear Winter is Coming
  • Added v.51's maps: A Maze in Japan, Floods
  • Added v.48's maps: Back to Inchon, Korea Rocks
  • Removed all ingame thumbs for the sake of loading time.

Why make a guide when there is lobby minimaps ?
  • Lobby minimap don't have sector names, very hard to explain to mates a specific plan/strategy with them.
  • When creating a lobby with friends, you can now choose the map faster.
  • People that don't own Red Dragon can see what maps looks like.
(1v1) Tropic Thunder
(1v1) Nuclear Winter is Coming
(1v1) Wonsan Harbour
(1v1) Plunjing Valley
(1v1) Wonsan Harbour - Mixed
(1v1) Strait to the Point (small)
(1v1) Out of the Blue - Naval only
(1v1) Standoff in Barents - Naval only
(2v2) Apocalypse Imminent
(2v2) Paddy Field
(2v2) Hop and Glory
(2v2) Tough Jungle
(2v2) Chosin Reservoir
(2v2) Gunboat Diplomacy
(2v2) Another D-Day in Paradise
(2v2) Alea Jacta West - Naval only
(2v2) Bulldogs and Vampires - Naval only
(3v3) Bloody Ridge
(3v3) 38th Parallel
(3v3) Cliff Hanger
(3v3) Back to Inchon
(3v3) A Maze in Japan
(3v3) Strait to the Point
(3v3) Gunboat Diplomacy - Mixed
(3v3) Another D-Day in Paradise - Mixed
(3v3) Atoll Inbound - Naval only
(3v3) Waterworld - Naval only
(4v4) Korea Rocks
(4v4) Strait to the Point - Mixed
(4v4) Smoke in the Water - Mixed
(10v10) Gjoll
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BGENV4 Oct 22 @ 5:13pm 
I wish they could add mixed versions of some maps, such as Back to Inchon (after all, the place is known for the amphibious landing made by the Marines there)... or any map with rivers for that matter. Granted, you wouldn't be able to deploy any of the big ships, but it would certainly add a whole different tactical angle w/ the river boats! I reckon the jungle maps would play out like Vietnam... Choppers, river boats... Just imagine!
Silver  [author] Oct 14 @ 12:18pm 
@The W:RD Noob: correction, my 10v10 games where just filtered out *facepalm*
i'll add Gjoll as soon as i can ;)
Silver  [author] Sep 7 @ 5:38am 
Sorrry but I can't: its not possible to host a game with that map :( and don't find any server playing it anyway.. if i catch one ill do it, otherwise if you have a pic i can use it.. but 10v10 lobbies tend to be rare nowadays
The W:RD Noob Sep 6 @ 10:16pm 
Would you care to add Gjoll?
Silver  [author] Aug 30 @ 12:51pm 
Thanks. You are most welcome ;)
The challenge was to display all those pics without waiting a day for them to display. I had to trick and force steam to use my recompressed jpg, and now it works fine :)
giwemi Aug 30 @ 12:09pm 
Awesome work. It looks simple but it's extremly helpfull.
Kerbal243 Apr 20 @ 4:24am 
Best: Smoke in thr water.
AlphaZulu90 Apr 16 @ 9:50pm 
Smoke in ther water looks awesome :D
Silver  [author] Apr 11 @ 5:22am 
Yep, thanks a lot, maps updated, and new maps added.
FlumenSV Apr 10 @ 8:56am 
Pls update the following maps: Jungle LAW, Bloody Ridge, 38th Parallel, A Maze in Japan