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Game Play Video
More information about the game
  • Mac/PC/Linux (summer 2014)
  • Windows Phone/Android/iOS/OUYA (soon)
  • XBOX/PlayStation (maybe)
  • Lumikas single player with history and in-game cutscenes (like in trailer)
  • In-Game Levels editor with sharing and ratings (like happy wheels)
  • Multiplayer with CO-OP and mass playing
  • Lums customize
  • Joysticks support
  • Everyplay support
  • Achievements and ratings
Finally Price:
  • PC/Mac/Linux - 4.99$
  • iOS/Android/Windows Phone/OUYA - 1.99$
  • XBOX/PS - 4.99$
Early Access Program:

Release date: [ENG]Summer 2014 /[RUS] Лето 2014 /[DEU] Sommer 2014
is the cross-platform game. It is 2d stealth action game.

You control the small square called Lum, the only surviver after virus attack. Your aim is to cure all terminals( Lumika's hospitals, where other Lums can be recovered from viruses) and find an exit. Of course, it is not so easy to find it in dark labyrinths:). you also must be aware of enemies, which think only about killing you. Enemies also have cameras, which can spot you. Do not forget to hide, run and use your brain!

Game design is not complicated , but for the perception of the players will be very pleasant. A small amount of soft colors harmonize with each other . Not too bright light levels difficult mazes and interesting plot . All this will bring the player fun of gameplay.

In the final version of the game you will be able to enjoy multiplayer. It will have different modes:
  • Mode 1 (for 4 players): All players cooperate. Their target is the main virus'es power plant. They must destroy it. While one player is distracting enemies,the second player is finding the way to power plant, the third player is switching off all cameras. And the last player will have only few seconds to do the main thing...
  • Mode 2 (up to 4 players): Stop hiding! It is time to fight against each other! You need to find and destroy other Lums. In that mode you will also have landmines...
  • Mode 3 ( up to 8 players): Your aim is to cure as much terminals as you can during 1/2/3 or 5/10 minutes. But do not relax, not only other players will prevent you from doing it, but also viruses and thei cameras...
  • Mode 4 (up to 8 players): Arena. Stand as much waves of viruses as you can. The last surviver will be the winner.
Lumika will also have lots of features.
The main feature is that every player will allowed to create his own levels by using in-game map editor. Players will be also allowed to share that levels.
If you dont like your Lum's color, it'll be ability to change it's multiplayer color and it's features!
Of course, there will be lots of easter eggs connected with light, music and gameplay.

The future is now. 2304 . Computer technology is everywhere. As expected , they control everything . Every computer obeys a single system called UnityComputer. Humanity does not know the troubles. It's generally known , there is no perfect things ...
Computer fails. All of humanity is mired in crimes. People live in fear . Anyone who tries to fix the system dies ...

However , one employee of the company who created the UC, manages to initialize the treatment process and implement it in the anti-virus " luma ." But there is a problem to get to the central processor which generates the computer , you need to overcome all obstacles. Lum - the only savior who can save humanity . Сontrol the Lum . Destroy threat. Become a hero , which no one will know ...

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winterwolves Jul 2 @ 3:44pm 
Looks like a fun stealth puzzle game.
Nether Angel Jun 28 @ 12:24pm 
This reminds me of Q.U.B.E. which I enjoyed playing. This looks like a great thinking game!
jimmycrackb0ne22 Jun 6 @ 6:41pm 
I like it
OCD.Stu[F] May 26 @ 3:09am 
Matthew May 18 @ 5:24pm 
I like what I've seen so far! I would certainly give it a try!
Kenneth McCormick the Pyro May 18 @ 6:43am 
When I first read the title I thought it said "Lukemia"
k-boodooroo May 6 @ 1:46pm 
reminds me of monaco
PhyreMatrix May 3 @ 10:51am 
Game reminds me a bit of 1000 Amps, which I loved. Upvoted.
Valery May 2 @ 1:30pm 
Успокаивающая и приятная игрушка. Главное что бы цена не была за неё заоблачной.
ionutudor2012 Apr 14 @ 8:09am