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EDM Production: How To Customize Z3TA+ 2's Stock Arpeggios
By Dan Gonzalez [Cakewalk] and 1 collaborators
Z3TA+ 2 comes packed with a massive pool of MIDI programs that power it’s internal Arpeggiator, but why stick to the stock programs when you can make your own?
Here's how
  • Open Z3TA+ 2 and activate the Arpeggiator Section
  • Right-Click on the sequence in the arpeggiator and make sure the following are checked
  • Auto Disable Pattern When Dragged to Host
  • Auto Fit Patterns to One Measure When Loaded
  • Load one of the Arpeggios from the Pattern menu
  • Drag and Drop the Arpeggios right into SONAR X3
  • Edit the MIDI Clip to your liking
  • Go to File > Save As
  • Select MIDI 0 in “Save as type”
  • Go to C:\Cakewalk Content\Z3TA+ 2\MIDI Arpeggios and Save it
  • Load it into Z3TA+2′s Arpeggiator by going to Pattern > Load MIDI File…

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andymcnish Jun 7, 2014 @ 4:25pm 
You don't need to save as Midi 0 - just drag the Midi Clip back into the browser on the right hand side - Cakewalk Content/Z3ta+2Midi Arps folder...