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Magician's Apprentice
Genre: Action, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 18 @ 8:54am
Oct 17 @ 12:22am

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Week of the...: Grells!
Savage Horde
(Fae’re Vinchenstell, “Rise and fall of Northland”, chapter 3rd)
...One of the key for uniting wild tribes of Northland was acquiring support of the grells. These simple creatures driven by killing instinct, almost unable to articulate common speech perceived the Ulrand to be some kind of deity from their primitive beliefs. The reasons for this remains a mystery, though some have speculated that Ulrand was using help of some rogue magician, whose name was lost in the history. (...) After the fall of the Northland, most of grells returned to their conflicted tribes, through pretty sizable numbers have also joined Savage Horde and Meritocracy military rank. As they’re not used to the concept of money, most military officers uses them as primiteve brutes, front-line unit which is perfectly expendable for any planned strategy.
Through grells do poses a bit of similarity to bipeded wolves or worgs, their origins remains a mystery. Most of scholarship believes they’re relicts to the time where the travelling through planes was easier, and they’ve came from different, parallel realm. Through the grells have settled in our world, and became part of it as of now.

Week of the...: Skeletons!
(Excerpts from the lecture about Necromancy, 3rd month of training)
...contrary to popular belief, skeletons are not people returning from beyond the grave to fulfill some kind of mission or settle some unfinished business. Of course formal resurrection of dead ones is technically possible but it's pretty difficult and rarely achieved, as it requires dealing with Keeper of the Sanctuary, mysterious, almost all-powerful being that guards border between the world of living and dead.
Skeletons on the other hand are just animated constructs, almost like the golems, or living weapons, popular self defence used by nobles. But unlike other constructs, skeletons are formerly living people, so they retains some will to move and act as they did that when they were alive. Because of that skeletons can actually be animated without consciously casted spell, only by the merely presence of very powerful being. (...)

How to deal with them
As with any magical construct, skeleton will die when it's internal energy would be freed from it's body. The easiest way to do so, is to cast destructive spell of enough power to break the bond between animator and skeleton. The Light Magic is particularly useful here, but Natural and Classic Magic will work good as well. Be advised though that if a skeleton was risen by direct Dark Magic spell, the others dark spells will actually bind his will more and more to the animator, granting it even more power instead of killing it.

How to use them
Of course skeletons can be animated by the magician itself using Dark or Chaos magic, through binding it's actions to the caster will be pretty difficult task and will require strong will. Our most powerful students have shown capable of controlling several skeletons at once, raising them from defeated creatures and using them to absorb damage from physical attacks. Skeletons are pretty resistant to physical based attack, which makes them excellent shield that can protect magician if the situation became too dire. (...)

Release date: Q4 2014
Craft your own powerful and deadly spells! You are Magician, an apprentice of most powerful wizard brotherhood and the only person who can save the world from mysterious warlock Yendor who claims to be equal with gods!

Magician's Apprentice is a new 2.5D isometric Hack'n'Slash/roguelike hybrid game that will please both casual gamers and hardcore roguelike fans alike. Featuring all classical roguelike concepts like randomization, full-keyboard support or perma-death with some more recent concepts (ie. sound support, true colors and real-time action). Set in randomly generated world of Akaia, with dozens of parallel universes to travel, the game will feature one of the most original system of building spells ever made. Combining runes into tree-like structures you'll unleash powerful magical effects. Prepared in shelter of safe location spells can be used against most vicious monster utilizing their vulnerabilities and weak spots. It's your power and imagination!

Game Features
  • Make your own spells! - Combine runes to achieve ultimate destructive effects!
  • Develop your Magician - improve his skill via chosen paths and don't forget about proper equipment!
  • Travel through vast randomly-generated world. Everything is seamless - mines, undergrounds, forests and deserts
  • Discover the truth about amulet of Yendor, the source of power (or godhood) for evil warlock
  • Gain powerful allies to help you in fight... or even more powerful enemies to crush!
  • Two graphical modes: isometric and roguelike!
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techries Apr 27 @ 12:17pm 
i think this is good but you would be the first if you had survival/sandbox aspects in it (build house peace by peace,farm, used thouse materieals to make potions?)
Navon Rentier Apr 15 @ 2:41am 
I won't vote for this one. Why you ask? Well, if just saying "voted" doesn't call for an explanation, than my reasons must not be revealed as well.
ionutudor2012 Apr 14 @ 10:20am 
The Hent@i M@ster Apr 9 @ 9:47pm 
Everything seems cool. Might want to work on the graphics a little. I dunno about that.
Tobias Bot Apr 3 @ 6:29am 
looks good ;)
hvymtlrocks Apr 2 @ 3:51am 
is that a M with papyrus font and a cheap afterglow effect? ugggh ptbhttt
vincentmay80 Mar 30 @ 10:40pm 
looks great
Fard Mar 30 @ 4:28am 
lineTM Mar 28 @ 7:25pm 
great looking game. i love the dungeon feel mixed with creating your own spells.
Titus Lebronicus Mar 24 @ 8:55pm 
Is there going to be 360 controller support? Also will you add in items and other objects to the rooms so they aren't so empty? thanks and good luck