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Through the Woods
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Norwegian
Players: Single-player
Mar 18, 2014 @ 7:58am
Jul 10 @ 6:31am
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Through the Woods - Now on Kickstarter !
Through the Woods Greenlit
Release date: First quarter 2016


THROUGH THE WOODS is a third-person psychological horror game set in a forest on the western coast of Norway about a mother and her missing son. Through dynamic narration, you play the mother's re-telling of the events surrounding her son's disappearance in a setting inspired by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

The interrogation that covers the mother's tale is never seen, only heard, as the actions unfolding on the screen have already happened. You control the past, shaping the story of the present.


Through the Woods tells a personal and serious story in a setting inspired by Norwegian folk tales and Norse mythology. A woman is being interrogated by a man and is asked a straightforward yet difficult question: “Where is your son?” The mother begins to tell her story, and the game begins.

Playing as Karen, you must find your way through the woods, and to your son. The only thing you have to help you is a flashlight, which you must decide carefully when to use. The forest is dark, and a little light helps with navigating, but it also makes you more visible to the unknown things that lurk in the woods. Switching off the flashlight may be safer, as it lets the protagonist focus her other senses on avoiding danger, but it makes navigation difficult.

The game's narrative is delivered through the dialogue in the interrogation room, describing the player’s actions in past tense, slowly unfolding the mystery surrounding the mother and her son. Instead of focusing on 'jumpscares', the game is meant to instil a lasting sense of dread in the player. The terror comes in a slow drip, as part of a narrative and interactive experience, with fear and melancholia as the two opposing points of the emotional spectrum.


The main gameplay of Through the Woods revolves around exploration, avoiding the dangers of the forest, uncovering the mystery around what happened to your son through collecting story elements and driving the narrative forward by unlocking dialogue along the way.

The audio also acts as a core gameplay mechanic, giving you a warning as to what creature may be lurking nearby. By learning from each encounter you can figure out the best way to deal with whatever you meet and whether you run away, hide, or blind your foe with your flashlight.


Our aim is to make people afraid of the forest again; we want you to do that double take as you pass that thicket in the woods after having played our game.

With Through the Woods, we are attempting to capture the forest as we saw it as children, with all the frightening and mysterious feelings of roaming the woods alone. This is coupled with a poignant story and high quality sound design that acts as a core mechanic in the darkness of the forest.

Be afraid of what happens when you're walking THROUGH THE WOODS, but prepare to be petrified of what's on the other side


* Dynamic narration that tells the story in the present, putting the player's actions into past tense
* Environments and story inspired by Norwegian art and nature, and Norse Mythology
* Heavy focus on audio design as part of the core mechanic
* Creative use of light and darkness, making your expectations play tricks on you
* Discovery of lore through exploration
* A profound experience that will leave you feeling as if waking up from a nightmare


Antagonist is a small indie game studio based in Oslo, Norway. We're a diverse bunch with experience in a wide variety of fields, and we're also collaborating with people from high-profile productions.

Our company credo is “To make great story-driven games, without sacrificing gameplay for story.”

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Jul 10 @ 11:32am
Did you will support Linux (SteamOS)?
Jul 4 @ 9:19am
FYI: Just played the demo...
Rainer S.
< >
Antagonist  [author] Jul 6 @ 4:35am 
@Jak Constantine: Hi, thanks for the feedback. Could you possibly email us (bugs(at) the details of your issue as well as what hardware spec you were running on, which OS, and if possible what version driver for your graphics card? This is an issue we haven't encountered before, so we'd like to investigate what might cause this. It would really help us out!
/ Anders
Jak Constantine Jul 3 @ 1:48am 
Odd bugs. Got a Pink screen and the game was stuck at the begging. Just might as well add this. I'll wait till release.
The Pianist >:) Jun 12 @ 10:41am 
I played the demo(in the dark) and it wasn't even scary. It isn't survival horror, at least not classic, it's behind the shoulder which is modern survival horror and annoying, don't get why it isn't real TPS like silent hill and you can't see anything how dark it is and it's more annoying than anything else.You just walk around for half an hour and it ends. A real survival horror has to have puzzles, and ones that at least make you think a little, a save system, not a checkpoint system that makes everything easy as all hell, challenge and tricky spots that make you decide if you're going to do one thing now or later depending on your health and status, also health. I wont say anything about enemies, maybe they can do something interesting with just this troll thing. I'm not trying to bash on the game, the makers can do whatever the f. they like, I would just like to see a real classic survival horror on pc, and also an actual scary game that can be unpredictable :)
Uzucainki Jun 11 @ 7:34pm 
As someone that hates scary games, really hates them, I am absolutely excited for this game and will definitely attempt the hell out of playing this. If you haven't back on Kickstarter, please do so! This game looks wonderful and the storyline seems fantastic!

I hope and can't wait to play!! :D
[G4K]Games4Kickz May 27 @ 4:10pm 
Backed it, loved the demo. Love the narration system and the atmosphere. Your sound designer is already on my hate list (that's a good thing) for freaking me out like that during the demo :)

Can't wait :)
Antagonist  [author] Jan 19 @ 1:22pm 
@Fyndulia: Thank you SO very much for your really kind words. The whole office lit up when we read your comment out loud! :)
Makes us happy that people are excited for Through the Woods!
Knüppel|Knüppel-Caro Jan 16 @ 2:37pm 
Of all the games I voted for on Greenlight, this one always had a special place in my memory as the very first trailer succeeded in freaking me out within a few seconds. I'm really glad to see that you are doing a great job on Through the Woods! I'm looking forward to play it!
Arajen dAnmGee Nov 4, 2014 @ 8:40pm 
nice moott
Matriac  [author] Oct 29, 2014 @ 12:12pm 
Hey Greenlight Community!

We just posted a new teaser-trailer and added some new screenshots.
Let us know what you think!

Check out the recent announcements for more news as well.
Vikingen (birthday today ) Oct 5, 2014 @ 5:08am 
@GVPX Well i tried the trial version and its just walking trough a sary forest with alot of scares, tense and jumpscares, and these guys make them good. You also have to solve puzzles, so its not like the forest.