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Cat Simulator
Mar 15 @ 1:00pm
Sep 10 @ 9:57am

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Multiplayer "Cat Fight" mode???
Cat Simulator is a fun third-person cat game.
Your goal is to chase rats and mice, climb trees, eat, sleep, poop and do other things that cats do...

It brings next-gen cat simulation to YOU.

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Dec 26 @ 4:36am
This game seems to be fake.
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Festive Lergen 14 hours ago 
I would suggest you NOT use Copyrighted music in a trailer if you want to get a game on Steam.

Also, Beam Fan. Shut the fuck up.
_Sting 22 hours ago 
what can i say about a CAT simulator?
Jus Dec 26 @ 2:50pm 
Looks... so immersive...
BEAM FAN Dec 26 @ 4:22am 
yeah all haters are dummys
BEAM FAN Dec 26 @ 4:21am 
geil :) i have 2 cats and i love simulations I think a cat simulation ist the right for me please relase it soon bye and have luck
Guys, its fake.
HarlemHusky Dec 12 @ 7:56pm 
Awesome! If the games makes it on Steam, I'll tell some of my friends to play it!
Burg Dec 12 @ 5:27am 
HA HA HA DIS IS SO RANDUM. Quit trying to be goat simulator.
Lucas_the_wizard Dec 9 @ 1:35pm 
fuck all of you haters
Lucas_the_wizard Dec 9 @ 1:34pm 
yes finnally a cat simulator