Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam 3: BFE

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Postal-esque mods for SS3
Mods to make SS3 feel more like Postal 2 :3
All I need is Postal Dude player model/quotes, some enemy replacements, some music, and the rest of the Postal 2/3 weapons and I'm all set.
Excuse the crappy picture
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Zombie Soldiers Enemy
Created by movento
This mod replaces the rocketeers with a remake
of the Zombie Soldiers from Serious Sam 2.

Original design by Croteam
Model and textures by movento
Animations by Croteam...
The Spas-12
Created by evil_Horse®
The (new) Spas-12 replaces the Remington 870 with well..... the Spas-12.

The Spas-12 has been updated to now use the model from Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft Montreal

Image is just a placeholder....
Kamikaze "La-La-La" Style
Created by Neo_minigan
Kamikaze "La-La-La" Style
These mod replace original "attack" kamikazes sound to new "La-La-La" style.

This mod is to people who like ONLY new kamikazes sound from "CRAZY Serious Sam 3 Mod"...
M249 Para-Light Machine Gun
Created by Vanyayaya
Replaces the minigun.

The M249 Para-Light Machine Gun (or just M249) from Counter-Strike: Source now on Serious Sam 3: BFE!

The following mod will replace the default minigun in SS3 with the M249 from Counter-Strike: Source, comes also with the CSS s...
Night Hawk .50C Reborn (Updated!)
Created by Vanyayaya
Replaces the pistol.

Update: 28/01/2015:

This mod has been updated with completely redone animations! Now intended to look even more like in Counter-Strike: Source, every animation has been redone so everything is different!

The volume when the gu...
Sawed-off Shotgun
Created by Jason
This mod replaces the original double barreled shotgun with a sawed-off shotgun that has exposed hammers and classy engravings....
Postal 2 Shovel (sledgehammer replacement mod)
Created by Sly7745
The shovel weapon from Postal 2 in Serious Sam 3. It replaces both the normal sledgehammer and the metallic version of it, with the same shovel for both of them.
Uses the shovel sounds from Postal 2.

No copyright infringement intended. Credit for the m...
Martial Zombie
Created by movento
This mod replaces the cloned soldiers with a new version of the martial kung fu zombies from Serious Sam 2.
Original design by Croteam
Model and textures by movento
Animations by Croteam...
Random Beheaded Soldiers
Created by Ryason55
This mod makes it so that any Rocketeer that spawns has a chance to become either a Firecracker or a Bomber from previous Serious Sam games. This is based off the same randomization method as my (recently updated) UFOs mod. The percent chances of each type...