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Fatso Mar 14 @ 9:09pm 
Not sure what your resolutions are but the screen shot looks a little dark and not real clear, curious why are those msg showing up could that be a factor too
Fatso Mar 14 @ 8:57pm 
No one else has said anything about this problem they said it worked just fine. wonder if you do a verifiy game files maybe it is your game.
Unowninator  [author] Mar 14 @ 8:55pm 
Unfortunately, no. Zooming in/out has no effect.

So this doesn't happen to you at all, huh? That's interesting. *goes off to make a thread about this*
Fatso Mar 14 @ 8:50pm 
If you zoom in can you see the wall on the other side not sure why it is black can you move your portals around some and see if it changes.