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A Few Questions Answered
Release date: December 2014
Racewërks is arcade racing with real sports cars, the tools for customizing cars and tracks, and sharing it all with the world! Instead of mining for resources, you race for them.

First and foremost, Racewërks is a fun and accessible racing game. The controls are not those of a highly detailed simulation (sim) because we want as many people as possible that are interested in racing to have fun playing it. It is a call back to the simplicity of the arcade driving games that so many loved so much.

With that said, underneath the hood is hidden all the complexity of a real racing sim. This allows us to create an exciting and authentic feel to the game. Cars handle based on engine power, tire grip, gear ratios, weight distribution, and torque curves. As you build your car, you can feel the effect that switching parts can have. That way you can build the car that is best for your driving style.

While we think we are pretty great track designers, we know that there are a bunch of people out there with undiscovered massive track building skillz. So rather than limiting the game to just the tracks we make, we are opening it up and letting everyone take a shot at creating the ultimate track. We give you the tools to build, decorate and test your track. Once you are happy with it, you can post it to our site where people will be able to try it out and give you feedback.

As a player, there will be people uploading new content for you to try out and set new records on.
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Mar 19 @ 6:34am
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blood_roses75 Aug 24 @ 12:45am 
Potential. Depends on how much will be added (cars, tracks). Would love to see a game that attempts to make available every make and model for every car ever made (will probably never see that
n73mod Aug 15 @ 12:30am 
Good game. Voted
General_Ender Aug 8 @ 5:53pm 
looks very fun hope its compatible with my logitech g27 :D
Matkossj Aug 5 @ 1:59pm 
editor de pistas ? genial! votado me gustaria este juego *o*
DiamonD Jul 31 @ 8:31am 
31fahmi Jul 30 @ 4:49am 
just ended?-_-
Another Noob... Jul 20 @ 8:46am 
Add more modern cars and super cars, and I will vote...
Jackson Jul 18 @ 9:54am 
voted, key free plz
Hazard Jul 12 @ 7:29am 
tragina2 Jul 12 @ 6:23am 
me parece genial que tenga editor de pistas pues asi la diversion nunca termina y los graficos son aceptables espero que el manejo tambien