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Swarm of the Dead
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Mar 17, 2014 @ 5:06am
Nov 26, 2014 @ 3:25pm
Release date: 2nd quarter 2014
Swarm of the Dead’s move to PC
Swarm of the Dead started out as an iOS game. It’s the most successful title we have so far, having been featured in 20 countries under iTunes “What’s Hot Strategy/ Action games”. At its peak, it's even ranked #5 on China’s chart.

We want to put Swarm of the Dead in front of more people (because our zombies like fresh food), so we ported it to Google Play and now we are planning to release it for PC with a faster pacing – built in Z-Virus!

All new chapters will be FREE for download.

Swarm of the Dead is a fast-pace, Casual Real-Time Strategy game with a dash of humor. Every game session takes less than 3 minutes and you simply launch an attack immediately without the "waiting and mining" in traditional RTS games.

You play as a Zombie Commander to stop a pathetic Researcher from coming up with the The Cure!

Wherever he escapes to, you follow. Spawn the Undead to swarm into safe zones where he's hiding his sorry butt. Crush his defenses, ego, hope... whatever counter measures he and the other human survivors can come up with.

You have at your command 9 extraordinary zombie units: Crawlers, Walkers, Spitters, Bubbles, Banshees, Manglers, Impalers, Ravagers, Pukers and Destroyers.

    And more zombies with each update (Please take a look at the screenshots!!)
  • Chinese Jiangshi
  • The Savage Beast
  • Darkstalker
  • Muga

Each of these undead gentlemen (and lady) has a unique skill and quirk. Mix and match them to break down human defenses in a time and resource limited battle!

Swarm of the Dead is a combination of strategic planning and fast-paced combat. As the human population become desperate and adapt to the attack of your zombie minions, their defenses and counter-measures will also get bigger and stronger. Derive your strength from numbers or powers from Zombie elites to crush the last of humanity!

New Chapters update
Beyond the story of hunting down the researcher, we also have new chapters in store! You can expect
  • NPC heroes featuring warriors from different cultures
  • New deployable zombie units to counter the heroes
  • New maps to invade
  • All new Chapters to be made FREE
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