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Let There Be Life
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 10 @ 2:04pm
Mar 22 @ 10:35am

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Release date: Available now
Let There Be Life is a relaxing, zen puzzle-like game that takes players to an enchanted world where they create magical trees and interact with playful wildlife. The trees want to grow big and beautiful, but they don't want to harm any flowers with shadows caused by their leaves.

A winner in Edge-Online's Get Into Games Challenge 2013, Let There Be Life is a watercolor painting come to life. It offers the player a calm, peaceful environment to unwind, experiment and let creativity flow. Perfect for anyone who is -or ever was- a child!

Game Play
  • Adding leaves increases the health of the trees, but...
  • Plants on the ground below will die if placed in too much shadow!
  • The farther you extend branches, the more health is added by new leaves (think multiplier).
  • Mushrooms like shadows, and a fully grown mushroom resets the light for nearby plants.
  • A variety of playful wildlife to unlock and interact with throughout the game.
  • The real goal is not to "beat" the 34 different levels, but to create trees you're happy with.

Let There Be Life is Available NOW!
*If Let There Be Life gets greenlit, we will gladly offer Steam keys to anyone who purchases the game from Desura, IndieGameStand, etc.

  • "...a very relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding for a few minutes to change gears or decompress after a hard day at work." - Mariko McDonald, Lifestyle Blogger,

  • "If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing then some of the violent orchestras coming out this month, make sure to try out Let There Be Life; let your mind take solace and be at ease." - IndieGameMagazine (IGM)

  • "Our panel were overwhelmed with enthusiasm for the game's atmosphere..." - Michael Gapper, Edge News Editor

  • "...I love the general idea and the vibe of the game." - Adrian Chmielarz, Judge for "Get Into Games Challenge 2013", The Astronauts

  • "...relaxing, almost sedative experience" - Karl Magnus, Judge for "Get Into Games Challenge 2013", DICE

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ScaRy Aug 17 @ 2:45pm 
noob game this shit sucks
gamemaster54 Jul 30 @ 8:11am 
it will be very good for spend time
UT99 Jul 29 @ 5:55am 
casual puzzle, but looks great :) voted, good luck!
emagon Jul 28 @ 8:30pm 
Japa[BR] Jul 9 @ 2:45pm 
Djeromina Jun 20 @ 10:32am 
Voted. It's cute)
Dark Jun 19 @ 11:04am 
Rean1x.<3 Jun 10 @ 8:21am 
Teemo Jun 7 @ 5:25pm 
orcia Jun 7 @ 10:00am 
hope that have a os x version too.