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Project NEX
Mar 9 @ 1:40am
Aug 19 @ 2:58pm
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Announcement from your new art team.
Project Nex needs your help!
Release date: Early 2015
Project Nex is an Arena FPS title that aims to bring the Arena FPS genre into the modern gaming circuit. The game will feature a riveting single player and a competitive and casual multiplayer setting, both featuring the high speed, intense, action packed combat and movement from the Arena FPS genre that we all know and love.
High risk, high speed game-play. Combine wall running, wall bouncing and sliding to dodge the enemy, land the perfect rail shot or combo a rocket jump with a wall bounce to reach otherwise unreachable locations. Nex allows the player the player to play at a speed that suits their play style. Play slowly and defensively and pick off the enemy from a distance with accurate rail gun shots, command the space or routes your enemy can use with careful use of your rockets, or chase your enemy down by bouncing around the map at incredible speeds and roasting them with your lightning gun.
Multiplayer will be a major feature of Project Nex and we are aiming to develop an environment for both the very casual fan to enjoy a number of different game-modes, both new and old to enjoy with friends. As well as a competitive ranked multiplayer for game-modes such as Duel (1v1) and Capture the flag (4v4), that will award players for their skill and tactical team-play with an ELO based ranking system. Fight by yourself or with team-mates in the game-mode that suites you best for 10-20 minutes of action packed, chaotic, game-play.
Project Nex will use a unique monetization system. The multiplayer will use a Free 2 Play model, with optional paid cosmetic content, making sure to completely avoid pay 2 win features, with the option to purchase skins by earning Mana points (MP) games by playing both casual or ranked multiplayer matches. The single player will cost $20 and be purchased in a separate download to the multiplayer, with the first level of the single player being free to play before purchasing.

Key Features
• A handful of familiar weapons to unleash on your enemy including the rail gun, the rocket launcher and the plasma repeater
• 8 unique maps, as well as the ready made tools for fan made maps
• Combination of wall jumping, wall riding and smooth first person shooter mechanics
• fully customisable multiplayer avatars
• an ELO based ranking system
• An expansive single player with a rich lore that carries over into the multiplayer
• Windows / Mac / Linux cross-platform support
• Built in the Unity 3D engine, allowing for easy access for modders to create new and exciting content for Project Nex

About us
Dark Manna Digital is a small group of passionate fps gamers and esports enthusiasts. We want to revitalize the Arena-FPS genre, while also bringing a new generation into the genre that we grew up playing.
We have a talented pool of artists, programmers and designers working tirelessly to make this dream a reality. As gamers we know what it takes and what we want ourselves in a top class FPS, and we are confident Project Nex will be the game to take the Arena-FPS into 2014 with a big bang.
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Aug 12 @ 12:06pm
How about... loadout perks?
Fellow Foe
Aug 12 @ 12:07pm
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Mar 30 @ 6:01pm
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looks pretty sweet
[YB] DancyUser Aug 20 @ 3:03am 
Alpha of Titanfall??
Mr.Epic >:3 Aug 17 @ 1:01pm 
when does it come out?
teuteu6711 Aug 17 @ 6:03am 
it's really cool :)
Yashua  [author] Aug 17 @ 1:13am 
Free to play forever!
Димка 030 Aug 16 @ 11:02pm 
please free to play
Such XxX Much humili8ion Aug 14 @ 12:07pm 
@TonToE what about planet NEXus from wildstar XD

@Yashua Hi, I have seen the "Project Nex Needs Yor Help" announsment and i just wanna say i can give you guys some iders that you could add into the game or some things that might need tweeking or balencing if thats alright with you?
Yashua  [author] Aug 12 @ 12:09pm 
No we didn't figure out till way later there was a game with a name that share similarities to ours, we thought our only competition was a camera from Sony. :)

Checkout our forums, we've got tons of information and progress updates that might not always make it over to our greenlight page.
TonToE Aug 7 @ 7:33pm 
Would the "Nex" refer to an older FPS called "Nexuiz"?
Raxo252 G҉A҉M҉E҉R Aug 7 @ 6:56pm