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Second Coming - The Annakazi Invasion
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Mar 7 @ 7:28pm
Jun 8 @ 4:47pm

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After the Indie
Second Coming - The Annakazi Assault is our first PC release based on the fleet battles in Second Coming - The Scifi Roleplaying Game, Capital Ship Battles will go through 'historic' space battles that lead up to the world of Second Coming. Multiplayer will be like "Capture the Flag" - with a twist. Players will battle their way from their ship, through the front lines and into the enemy ship, to either capture their bridge or blow the whole thing out of the cosmos.

"It all started when we found out that we were not alone. An alien race calling itself the Cilonians appeared in Earth’s orbit with a message of peace and brotherhood. Their intent was to trade technologies, most importantly, they gave us the Hyperdrive. This led to a leap in our technology. It allowed us to reach out and colonize our solar system, and we built capital ships to help us reach out to the stars. All was well, until our new found friends left. Twelve years after they came, the Cilonians returned to their world taking 10,000 human volunteers to act as diplomats while nearly ten times that of their kind stayed behind.

Within a decade of their departure, Mankind’s greed and lust for control of the alien technology led to war.

Global Civil War between the UN Council and the United Asian Front had dwindled Humanity’s numbers by one third. Ten years of Tactical nuclear strikes had left 30% of the Earth uninhabitable. The colonies on Mars and the Moon have seceded from The UN Council and were now skirmishing over mining rights in the Asteroid belt. It seemed things couldn’t get much worse, and of course, that is exactly what happened.

The feuding factions received a communication from an unknown source indicating spacial coordinates that they should scan. Normally, the DeepSpace Sensor Grid (DSSG), a series of satellites designed to detect errant meteors and comets that pass through the Terrestrial planets, would have been sufficient to scan, but an enormous solar flare had taken out a large portion the grid in that area.

The communication would have been ignored had it not been for a curious communications officer. Their name was lost to history, but it was their curiosity that led them to review the last readings from the DSSG in that area prior to the flare. Only one of the satellites had captured footage of the Sun’s surface right before the flare had taken it out. Frame by frame playback showed a projectile of unknown origin was fired directly into the Sun, seconds before the flare.

Both sides blamed the other for the destruction of the satellites and both sides threaten retaliation. Luckily, scientists examining the grid were able to retrieve scans of the source of the projectile. It was a small vessel, no larger than a freighter, and only appeared long enough to fire, and then it vanished for all sensors. The scans also showed that the ship was constructed of materials never before seen to us.

With the new threat determined, a cease-fire was called. The two closest ships, the SS Darwin of the UNC and the SS Yakamoto of the UAF, were sent to investigate."
Read more here:

Huge Cruisers loaded with Fighters, Transports, Engineers, Bridge Crew, and Marines broad-siding each other in epic battles to the death.

Three distinct races with there own strengths and weaknesses.

The multiplayer will be server/client allowing with both Official servers as well as private and clan-hosted servers.
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Aug 27 @ 2:59pm
Did you will support Linux (SteamOS)?
< >
=(eGO)= Megs A Tagger Nov 8 @ 4:56pm 
This gives me a ladyboner =)
knycoa Sep 2 @ 2:59am 
Upvoted for Thriller LOL
DarkDemon Aug 30 @ 11:17am 
looks very very good vote "yes" for this game
Invisigoth Aug 17 @ 9:46pm 
Very Good!
Voted 'Yes'
GutMoke Jul 25 @ 9:26am 
Yeah, looks good, voted.
A Bonus Duck Jul 3 @ 6:14am 
Has alot of potential.
Cirdlex Jun 30 @ 5:23pm 
Interesting. Voted.
samu Jun 30 @ 5:27am 
Looks interesting.
[!?] Dr. Pepper PhD Jun 8 @ 5:25pm 
Alright, thanks for clearning that up.
=(eGO)=DirtyDeets  [author] Jun 8 @ 4:54pm 
Thanks for checking us out Dr. Pepper. The game is actually being built on the Unity Engine and is both an FPS AND a Space fighting sim. In the single player, you get the story behind how the world of Second Coming came to be.

In the multiplayer, you will have many of the maps from the single player, but each network room will have the options of which ships are fighting. It can be human vs humans, Annakazi vs Cilonianns, Humans vs any other race...

The cover art was a bit cheesy. We will work on that, but for now, enjoy footage of the SS Darwin fighting Annakazi.