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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
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Dying Colonel
"A Constitution of Government once changed
from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty,
once lost, is lost forever."
John Adams

Martial law has been declared!

How did this happen?
In secret meetings behind sealed doors decisions were made to monitor the people, stripping them of their privacy.

Defying the tyranny, a group rose up and brought to light the government's plans to take away the rights and freedoms of the people.

Through social media the members of the group swelled. They began protesting and chanting in the streets. The group had one face and one voice, they were organized and determined

It seemed as though nothing would stop them, until slowly one by one they began to disappear

Time passed and the rights of the people where slowly taken away.

Again a voice arose from the people a single voice with the power of many and produced evidence, documents proving the government's intent. The people had lost their rights! The government was spying on its own people, at first they tried to deny this but the evidence was clear and they finally admitted it, justifying the act as a means of protecting the people.

The economy crashed.

The people could no longer worry about the secret meetings
They were too busy trying to feed themselves and their families.

The government offered a way out for the people faced with such hardships

The people only had to look the other way while their leaders gave themselves
the blank check They needed to follow through with the plan to completely reform the country.

More time passed

There were reports of Martial Law signs being shipped around the country.

Governors of large cities spoke of declaring martial law to rid their city streets of crime

The people heard the words Martial Law splattered across the news on a daily basis. They became comfortable with the term losing sight of what those words really meant until it was too late

Whether it was declared due to civil unrest, or through threat of foreign invasion, or because of economic collapse, no longer matters.

All that matters now is survival!

You are ordered to stay in your home until the Collection Squads come to take you ?
The people who resist are being shot in the streets.
What do you do?

Do you go willingly to the "safe camps", or do you rebel?

You hear about other people escaping the city to the wilderness.
Do you join them? Or do you hide out in the city scavenging for food?
Do you end up starving in the "safe camps" with the other citizens, herded like cattle, or do you join the militias fighting the tyranny?

Do you strike out on your own and use the elements to your advantage?
Perhaps you even meet others and start your own societies. But Who can you trust? A person with an open hand often hides a dagger in the other, but it takes cooperation to survive in the wilderness. Are you strong enough to survive the ravages of nature? Can you avoid the death squads?

What is MartialLaw?

MartialLaw can be a first person survival game based on the idea of a tyrannous government stripping the rights and freedoms away from the people and the struggle of the people to restore and rebuild there country,


MartialLaw could be a first person survival game based on the idea of a government faced with economic collapse and the threat of a foreign invasion forcing them to take drastic measures to protect the people.

It depends on what the player wants it to be
we believe that a great game is versatile and can adapt to what the player wants out of the game.

what are some of the functions for game play?


Along with the basic hunger/thirst/health/stamina/breath/bodytemp we are adding an interesting building function where players can use almost any thing in the game to build survival shelters

using realistic physics we are allowing players to destroy game objects in to smaller fractured pieces that can be then picked up and used to build.

I imagine a player beating a car with a baseball bat knocking the doors hood trunk even ripping the seats out taking the treasures to there camp where they are building a structure from random pieces of debris.

or perhaps they find a preppers abandoned underground bunker and want to booby trap the area with scraped barbwire fences or pointy sticks and claim it as there own.


There is also a crafting system going in to the game that will allow players to make weapons from almost anything be it a piece of a sign post or a make shift spear from a broken rifle with shards of glass attached to the barrel.


Its hard to survive on your own and trading is important to help you to get the supplies you need.

Players will have the option to buy or sell there goods with precious metals or they can trade the supplies out right to get what they need.


Farming will be important if players want to try to live out in the wilderness as in the real world an area can be over hunted rather easy some players may want to use those seeds they traded for to grow a garden of fresh vegetables or perhaps they want to capture the deer, rabbits, abandoned cows or horses and keep them safe from wolves or people thus giving them a sustainable food supply.


The game world is going to be massive and all though I like hiking simulators I want the players to be able to move around the map a little faster weather it be on land, air, or sea.
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Dice-24K Jul 12 @ 1:02am 
My first thought: Fallout. ._.;
@FunnyMAn, zombies are generic enemies that don't need a back story to attack the player. That's why they are primarily used. Don't get angry at the zombies, but the lazy developers behind it (not these guys due to a lack of them). @.@;
Merle Dixon Jul 10 @ 2:42am 
FunnyMAn Jul 8 @ 6:17pm 
Finally, a survival game that doesnt need zombies to appeal to people... im kinda tired of all the games that use zombies as their main hook.
Navarra Jul 7 @ 1:01am 
Good to see the development moving forward. Hope to see it greenlit and released soon.
Mestre Noob Jul 5 @ 7:47pm 
Parece bom
LiGht KniGHt Jul 4 @ 10:22am 
really hope this gets greenlit it looks good so far well done

WIll talk about this game on Think Indie Games maybe u can share it there too!
finger*likin*good Jul 3 @ 3:26pm 
I shall be looking out for this game!
DomFramingo Jun 30 @ 7:42pm 
Parece interessante e merece minha atenção!!!
CerebralZombie Jun 26 @ 9:48pm 
Looks really good! It's coming along very nicely. Also reading what your goals and ideas for the games are just make me want to play it more. By the looks of it, the beta/alpha will be better than most at the time of being.

Keep up the good work, and hope to be playing soon!
Red_Back_au Jun 23 @ 9:15pm 
looks interesting