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A Druid's Duel
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Mar 10 @ 6:21am
Apr 16 @ 10:02am

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Kickstarter Successfully Funded and PAX East 2014
Kickstarter Coming to a Close
It's going to be a close one!

A Druid's Duel is sitting at 82% to our modest goal. If you haven't backed us yet, now's the time!

Look over the updated page and see all of the great new art and animations that have been added since the Kickstarter launch. I'm sure you'll love 'em. Some have been added to the screenshot carousel on this Greenlight page as well.

Here's a taste:

Release date: Summer 2014
Dominate the landscape in this chess-like battle of wits featuring shape-shifting druids and an ever-changing game board.

Duel your way across the vast Realm of Six Seasons, striving to dominate the land. But beware! The stakes are raised with every parcel gained or lost.

Your druids assume powerful animal forms and the very landscape can transform in front of you, keeping you on your toes and forcing you to adapt every single turn. Featuring an engaging single-player campaign and tactical battles for up to four players, A Druid’s Duel is ever-changing and fraught with exciting challenges; much like Nature herself.

  • “Easy to learn, hard to master” strategic gameplay.
  • Fast-paced games where every turn matters.
  • Mutable game board - Alter the landscape to suit your needs.
  • Four distinct unit types, each with powerful Animal abilities.
  • Single-player campaign with an engaging story told across 50 non-linear maps.
  • Asynchronous online play for 2 to 4 Players.
  • Local play for 1 to 4 Players (Pass n' Play and vs the AI).
  • Full League and Tournament support, including ladders and progressions.
  • Six beautiful, colorful Seasons to play through, each with their own art style and ambiance. Play skirmishes in any Season you like!
  • Wondrous ear candy galore! Professionally composed and recorded music brings the Six Seasons to life.
  • Turn Time Limits, Challenges, and other gameplay options.
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Ace Jul 23 @ 1:47pm 
its cool than you can change your duid´s in animals and back !
xXLiNuXoIDXx Jul 6 @ 1:54pm 
Интересно! Купил бы точно!
Skadia42 Jun 20 @ 8:10pm 
I got to play this at Pax East and it was really fun! I wasn't very good at it but I'm excited to play it and get better!
|Fetish| Jun 18 @ 10:56am 
PalevOo Apr 16 @ 7:56am 
Heroic Piplup Apr 15 @ 9:27pm 
I took about 15 minutes to play through a game at PAX and it was a ton of fun!
haler77 Apr 15 @ 10:51am 
This game was on the top of my list from pax east i am very excited to play it when it is released!
Thoughtshelter Games  [author] Apr 15 @ 9:57am 
Thank you all for coming out to play the game at PAX East! It was wonderful to meet you and give you a chance to play the game. I'm touched by all the compliments and am just as excited as you to see this finished and in your hands :)
kayotee28 Apr 14 @ 6:54pm 
Great game, loved it at PAX! thanks for the autograph !!!
ionutudor2012 Apr 14 @ 9:18am