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Cosmic Mechanic
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Mar 6 @ 5:48am
Mar 6 @ 6:00am

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Language support?

The game doesn't use much text, mostly just for help section in menus. The game is designed so that you should be able to learn and play the game without knowing any English.

A deep space explorer crash lands on a mysterious planet. To get back home, you must engineer vehicles out of whatever parts you find and traverse the alien portal network left behind by a long gone ancient civilization.

Cosmic Mechanic is an exciting game about building cool gadjets and contraptions to navigate through many mind bending scenarios.

Over 50 levels, 4 unique gameplay modes (puzzle, jump, time, collect) and lots of vehicle parts to experiment with.


Cosmic Mechanic is a game I released on iPad and I would love to bring it to PC too. For that, it would be excellent to have it greenlit on Steam. It was developed on PC, so I have an existing Windows version, but it needs some work to be release quality. For example the controls are designed for multitouch, they would need some work to fit PC devices better. Getting on Steam would give me the needed boost to develop it further.

New features for a Windows version
- Level Editor. The game already has an in-game level editor, but it would need some work to make it easier to use.
- Graphical Improvements. I would like to upgrade the graphics a bit and develop some lighting solution to make it more dynamic (the performance requirements of iPad didn't allow for anything complex).
- Controls customized for PC.
- Steamworks integration (achievements, leaderboards, cloud)
- If there's interest, a Mac and a Linux port would be quite easy to do.

- Kimmo Lahtinen /
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~sarreyImNoop~ Sep 18 @ 7:56pm 
[GB]Harly Bot Aug 21 @ 1:28am 
Это будет круто. Игры такого жанра очень круты *O*!
Col. Mira Jul 10 @ 1:30am 
Pretty awsome i vote for it
CuddlyHarbinger Jul 4 @ 11:49pm 
It is nice to have a couple of simpler games on steam :D
vadimin Jun 30 @ 6:00am 
The Shiny Oddish Jun 4 @ 11:27am 
This looks awesome
Pony-tley May 14 @ 9:02am 
Its so cool :D
OFFhandname May 6 @ 8:42am 
Tbh it looks like a game you would play for 15 mins after buying it, not much replayablility, pretty much do everything the same as you did last level. i would buy it give it a go but possibly get board realy fast. Multiplayer would make this game somewhat replayable (but i havent actualy played it so idk) i will be looking out for this game as i realy want to try it.
Qyo7 Apr 29 @ 3:24pm 
Definitely my vote is not.
Steam is not a applestore,googleplay or windows store.
unwantedpotato Apr 23 @ 8:35pm 
ill take a free version and spread the word to my friends about the game