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Animated Puzzles
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German, Russian, Swedish
Players: Single-player
Mar 11 @ 2:28pm
Mar 15 @ 7:06am

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Jigsaw-style puzzle game with a challenging twist!

A super fun and relaxing picture puzzle game, with an intriguing, mind-bending twist; Animated puzzles! Try to get the right pieces into place while parts of the image keeps moving. It's different and extremely enjoyable!

It's relaxing, easy to play and yet challenging at the same time. The motions in the pictures gives a completely new puzzle experience. Don't let the clean structure fool you, it' more to the gameplay of animated pictures, than meets the eye.

Additional info:
This puzzle game is best described as jigsaw puzzle with square shaped puzzle pieces. The shape of the pieces makes it very easy to overview and simple to play.
All puzzles have seamlessly looping animations which gives a hole different dimension to the puzzle experience.
As you progress, the puzzles will increase in difficulty, having more pieces to put together. To make it easier to overview you can simply zoom in/out and adjust the size of the piece holder to your liking.
There's also global leaderboards to track who's completing a puzzle the fastest.

We originally experimented with differently shaped jigsaw-type pieces. In the end we decided that the square pieces made the game more comfortable to play and easier to handle on a digital screen.
However, since the desktop version will generally be played on larger screens, giving us more space to work with, we are considering adding jigsaw shaped pieces as an option.

The game has already been released on several platforms. The response has been great and we really want to take this game a step further. The higher performance and larger memory of desktops and Steams community features gives us new opportunities. We also want to release the desktop version with all puzzles and themes in one package, with Steam a larger download like that would work very well. Puzzles might not be the most common game genre on steam but we're hoping there's enough people who'd appreciate a relaxing puzzle game in-between all the action.

Even though the game already exists we feel that getting greenlit and released on steam would encourage us to make some of the bigger updated that we've been planning on. We're also open for new ideas and suggestions!
Things we'd like to add:
  • More puzzle themes
  • Achievements to increase replay ability.
  • Create own puzzles: We'd like to add a puzzle editor for creating/sharing user generated animated puzzles via Steam Workshop. It's yet unclear if it would be possible.
  • Challenges: Challenge friends in any puzzle to see who puts it together the fastest.
  • Co-op puzzling via live multiplayer.
  • Jigsaw shaped puzzle pieces as an option.
  • Controls: In addition to mouse and touch, will also support gamepad.

Mexond is a small 2 person indie game company located on a beautiful island in Sweden. We enjoy playing games almost as much as we love creating them. We got tons of amazing ideas waiting to be fulfilled, all from casual time killers to exiting adventure games. We focus on quality and uniqueness in our games and put a lot of time and effort in each production.
We want all our games to be the best that they can be and put a lot of importance in the feedback from our players. We try hard to fulfill as much requests as possible and are constantly working on updates to make more out of our games
So far we haven't been able to start any of our long time projects, but we're hoping our current projects will take us there.

Best way to know what this game is all about is to simply try it out.
A free ad-supported version with in-app purchases is currently available for IOS, Windows 8 Store, Windows Phone and Android. For more info about the current versions, please visit

Words from our beloved users, the words that makes it worth while. :)
Originally posted by User:
Love this game
Originally posted by John:
Great game. Very challenging.
Originally posted by Lori:
This is the most creative and awesome puzzle ever! I love it!
Originally posted by User:
Originally posted by User:
Originally posted by User:
Love the animations and the puzzles.
Originally posted by User:
Absolutely love this!
Originally posted by Pedro:
Muitoooo bommmm
Originally posted by User:
So much fun......
Originally posted by Laurie:
Love this game!!! Not the usual jigsaw puzzle.
Originally posted by rebecca:
Awesome :)
Originally posted by User:
Oohhhh yeah. Addicting
Originally posted by Mario:
Grrreeeaaaattttt! Very relaxing
Originally posted by User:
Fun and pretty game
Originally posted by User:
Awesome game, addicting and fun....trying to find the pieces is hard but don't wanna put down
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BABYY1990 Aug 28 @ 12:35pm 
looks a good game
Amaldine Aug 14 @ 2:14pm 
Voted "yes". The game looks awesome. I'd definitely play it. Hope it'll get the greenlight. :)
ricardocasama Jun 23 @ 3:15am 
Add spanish language, please.
myrobot79 May 24 @ 9:03am 
Voted, gg
It's not that I don't like puzzle games....
But Jigsaw Puzzle in windows 95 could do more.

These modern jigsaw games are all so damn limited. I don't like it one bit.
Qyo7 Apr 29 @ 12:59pm 
My vote is definitely not .
Steam is not a applestore ,googleplay or windows store.
The steam has a market of casual games, but there is a limit of acceptable a casual game for PC.
Do not spread the cancer of mobile platforms here.
ionutudor2012 Apr 14 @ 9:21am 
#GamerGate Apr 8 @ 1:43pm 
I don't hate you
I just hate bad games
Down vote
Inkling (Ace1921) Apr 6 @ 11:54am 
nice puzzle game
GHOST Apr 2 @ 12:51pm 
really nice idea