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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Mar 24 @ 2:38pm
Apr 29 @ 11:18am
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Progress since Greenlight and Kickstarter!
Grave is Greenlit on Steam!
Release date: Early 2015
The Game
Grave is a first person, open world survival horror experience. Explore an ever-changing world filled with frightening creatures. Grave is a hybrid of environmental exploration and combative horror, creating constant tension as the player balances exploration and survival. Our goal is to revitalize the survival horror genre with modern techniques seen in current horror games, while retaining the survival and inventory elements of classic titles.

Dynamic Reality
In the world of Grave, things are not always as they seem. Explore a surreal, lonely wasteland by day, and fight off hideous creatures after the sun sets. With each passing day, the world changes around you. Presenting not only new threats, but new locations to explore.

Light Is Your Only Weapon
In Grave, darkness brings terror, but not hoplessness. The world of Grave is scattered with tools that can be used for protection. Ward off creatures with flashlights, placeable lanterns, gasoline fires, portable generators and more. Grave is about survival, so no tool is a strictly intended for offense. Multiple uses of tools allow players to decide how best to survive the night.

Procedural Survival Horror
In typical horror games, play is carefully scripted to produce the horror. In Grave, the experience is primarily procedural. The dynamic day and night progression presents an ever present, unpredictable danger. Creatures appear in unpredictable ways and are driven by a complex AI designed to keep tension high. Items, weapons and even locations are generated procedurally, ensuring that the experience will never be the same twice.

  • Unique day-night gameplay woven into the experience - split gameplay between surival and exploration. Fear the night, hope for day.
  • Highly procedural world. Not only are the creatures unpredictable, but so are the environments. Each night produces changes to the surreal landscape of Grave.
  • Multiple characters and stories to explore, each with their own sets of challenges and experiences
  • Frightening AI creatures see and hear you, with complex behavior to stalk you. You are the hunted, not the hunter.
  • Over 8 Unique tools for defending yourself against the creatures of the night, including matches, flashlights, flares, generators, fire and more.
  • Craft new resources using items found in the environment. Build up your defenses or create unique items for combating the creatures of the night. Just be sure to watch your back...
  • Full support for the Oculus Rift.

Our Plan
Grave is being developed entirely independently by avid horror and survival horror fans. It has been in development as a prototype since the Global Game Jam in January 2013. We have been committed to provide constant updated, playable demonstrations of the prototype that we have made available at We are now seeking to build a full game, expanding tremendously on the original concept. Updates will be provided frequently and we are hoping to receive feedback from the community, to see what they would like to see out of a game like Grave.
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Ancient Bean Aug 26 @ 6:05pm 
Awesome looking game! But I must say one thing... Sleestak?
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free or money?
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how buy game or play?
qwer Aug 6 @ 9:44pm 
holisticamanda Aug 5 @ 10:13am 
how the hell do you download Grave
MegaMaga Aug 2 @ 9:09am 
The game looks scary and good it also looks like its gonna have a good storyline.
Dakota Bear (P.G) Jul 30 @ 2:11am 
oooh Nice!
Tyrant Jul 29 @ 12:59pm 
Grave is a very nice Horror-Game. There should be more games like this. Good Job!