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How to Drift
By Locke
Drifting in Super Toy Cars is different from most games, but this guide's got everything you need to know to slide around those corners like a pro!
The Lowdown
If you play games like Mario Kart or Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, the drifting in this game will come as a bit of a shock at first. You go around a corner and then start slowing down. What gives, right? Most games with drifting have you hold the button down, but Super Toy Cars demands a little bit more of you than that.
The Steps
So, if you can't just hold the button down, what exactly are you expected to do?
  • Get up to speed. You'll only spin out if you're too slow when you try to drift.
  • Start turning to get yourself at the right angle to get into the drift.
  • Hold down the handbrake button only as long as it takes to get the drift started. It will continue without any input from you after this.
  • You do have some control over your steering now, but try to straighten out and you'll pop out of the drift automatically.
  • To change your drift direction, hold down on the handbrake and keep turning after you've straightened out. This will send you into a drift in the opposite direction.

There is now also an alternate drift control scheme that allows you to hold the handbrake button down without going any slower, and you can try it out by going into the options and checking the appropriate checkbox. You can still use the normal brake to slow down, however it's important to note that this changes how changing your drift direction works. Cars designed to drift will switch directions easily, however cars that grip the road better will stay in the drift for much longer, often longer than you have to take the turn. You'll need to let go of the handbrake if you want to switch directions with this control scheme.
The Tips
There's a few more things that are important to know about how drifting works in Super Toy Cars. The first thing is that each car handles very differently. The first car you get, for instance, is hard to drift with. Some cars will drift at a wide variety of starting angles and speeds, but others are harder to work with and you may find yourself slowing down or running into walls trying to start a drift. My personal favorite cars for drifting are the Shibuya WRC4 and the Schneider Panther. Note that cars that are easier to drift tend to also slip spontaneously if you take corners too fast without drifting. Managing these cars can be difficult sometimes, but there's no beating the feeling of swinging around the corners at full speed, barely scraping by each one with your boost on and running ahead of the competition. Drifting builds your boost meter, so if you can pull it off, expect to be able to zip through the stage at ridiculous speed.

Next, remember that just because you only need to use the handbrake for a moment to get your drift started does not mean you should leave it alone. If you come up to a sharp corner too fast, don't be afraid to hold that button down and turn inward as hard as you can. You'll be able to take the corner much tighter than you could by just drifting alone.

Lastly, practice, practice, practice. It'll probably feel foreign to you at first, but give it a few hours and you'll come to understand the timings pretty well. Try out different cars and see which one feels best to you in the corners. You may even find you don't like drifting at all and prefer a car that's not built for it, and that's fine! They tend to be faster straight out in order to compensate for the reduced boost you'll build and control more like a simulation style of racing game with racing lines and all that (though obviously not close to that level of realism). You can use any car in the game in the online multiplayer without needing to buy it, and practicing your skills against human opponents is a good way to stay sharp, so I'd recommend giving the online a try. The more people in online mode, the better.
The Last Words
Well, I hope that helped you. I don't have the tools to make a decent video guide to show you better, but if you don't understand how I've laid it out here or have any other questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you out. Good luck racing out there!
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