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Asteroid Defender!
Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 20 @ 7:43pm

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Feedback so far...
Take on the role of an elite pilot who has just been recruited to the Asteroid Defense Initiative. Your mission: to defend our world. Launch into space and blast asteroids from the sky before they can hit Earth in this fast paced shooter inspired by the original arcade game. Earn upgrades along the way, maintain your defenses, and complete various side missions. Do you have what it takes to protect our world? Find out later this year!
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Mr. Crafty Aug 31 @ 11:05am 
Might be a fun game to waste time in, voted :)
Colenzo Aug 17 @ 7:41am 
Next joke, thx.
STVR Jul 29 @ 7:55am 
I like the concept, as far as the blend of TD, shooter, and time management goes. I think orienting yourself in space will be difficult, so some more stars/nebula/planets in the distance might help with that. UI is a bit rough, but I'm sure you've heard that a bit already.
GVPX Jul 26 @ 7:35am 
The genre is over saturated... It doesn't excite me to mindlessly shoot at asteroids over and over.
Vaagur Jul 26 @ 3:36am 
The UI and graphics are not really good... Can't see the game full potential...
TheElderScrollPlaya Jul 25 @ 1:07pm 
Looks like a game I woud play to kill some time! I'l vote yes!
Johnny Jul 25 @ 12:02pm 
For those interested in this game :
Gorlom[Swe] Jul 24 @ 10:57am 
Heh the models kind of reminds me of the chipndale spaceship minigame in Kingdom hearts. :p
Ace  [author] Jul 23 @ 8:41pm 
Thank you everybody for the feedback so far. I understand the graphics at this point are still very rough around the edges and lack any real refined models or artwork. I wanted to find a concept that was fun to play, refine it, and get in touch with the community early on. I’ve outlined a bit of back-story, but the core concept of the game is getting back to that old school arcade fun – adrenaline pumping action mixed with the satisfaction of flying around and blowing stuff up.

I’ll work on getting some more information and videos up soon and in the meantime please keep the feedback coming. Thanks!
Keyser Soze Jul 23 @ 12:20pm 
de la vieja escuela